HGMGA Meeting Notes – January 9th, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 12:50 p.m. in the Heron Glen restaurant by President Larry Frost. The Secretary's minutes and Treasures report was each approved as posted.

Jack Howard gave an update on the closest to the pin season leaders. Jim Rystedt moved into a tie with Archie Marshall for the season lead on hole #14 with a measurement of 2 ft. 7 in.

There were no new members to be introduced.

Director of Golf Course Maintenance Tim Kortaneck was the guest speaker. He talked about the progress of filling the bunkers. He discussed the nematode 
problems on the course and how it was being addressed. The out of bounds stakes have been correctly replaced causing problems with grass lines that will be taken care of when it won't kill the grass, He has met with several contractors on designs and ideas for the renovation of the golf course. He thanked the MGA for there suggestions which will probably be used. 

Tim with Golf Pro Nathan Wilsons assistance talked about the frost delays that have happened recently and how they are affecting tee times. Les than hour tee times are moved back, over that tee times are canceled unless they are outings. Tim asked for questions and there was concerns about the conditions of the greens and lack of grass on the sides. Tim responded with these issues are being addressed after damages from Irma and an unusual large amount of rain has caused some problems normally not seen. He also volunteered to meet with anyone at any time about any concern. 

It was also mentioned that all golfers need to help by sanding divots and repairing ball marks on the greens. Tim was then applauded for his work on the course.

John Abbott announced all the winners for the 2 man net event played today.

Some of the 2 Ball tournament matches were still being played.

Larry Cummings took care of the 50/50 distribution. Winners are

  • Ernie Willadsen – $68
  • Jack Clark – $32
  • Bob Herbstritt – $17

With no further business meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted
John Harbour – Secretary 

HGMGA Board Meeting Notes – January 3rd, 2018

The HGMGA Board met at 10:00 a.m in Card Room C. Present were Larry Frost, Steve Boulton, John Harbour Bill Harville, Larry Pedersen, Jack Birecree, Bill Bedore, Neal Prescott, Gene Dumont, Nathan Wilson and Jim Kerschner.

Larry Frost talked about the agenda for the upcoming meeting next Tuesday with Tim Kortanek being the guest speaker. Larry also announced with the financial status of the MGA the golf lesson that is given away at each meeting will be discontinued. This was agreed to by the board. Larry feels like the hole-in-one awards should be reenacted at our next meeting and pictures be taken.

Bill Harville gave an update of membership which is 186 as of today. This is a steady decline from 220 members four years ago. The reason for the decline was discussed in detail as to why and if members were contacted for reasons for dropping. The age factor and not playing as much golf was the normal reason. Nathan compared the golf course membership decline for the same reason.

Larry Frost suggested the possibility to have a gross flight winner on our weekly game whenever possible. Several ideas were discussed with the consensus this would be a great idea. It was agreed upon that it may be too late to have this in effect this year. The idea to communicate that this will be rolled into our schedule next year. The thought is this will increase the lower handicap golfers to join us on Tuesdays.

The idea of having the MGA events not count on your Chelsea is going to be approached. Larry Frost asked if it would be possible to schedule all of the 2 Ball matches for all 6 rounds of the tournament. After discussion it was decided this could be done without any problems.

Gene Dumont announced the member/guest tournament filled up in 2 hours and there are 11 people on the waiting list. Gene discussed the issues involved with the Veranda being used for after the Outback/Historic Tournament. Several dates are being looked at to be shuffled including the last 3 events in March.

Increasing our membership was discussed in length. The idea of having new golf course members play one week free in our MGA event with an Officer or Board member before joining is going to be looked at and scheduled through the Golf Pro Shop. The committee of Larry Frost, Steve Boulton and John Harbour met after the Board meeting and discussed several ideas for increasing our membership.

Nathan gave an update on the golf course converting from the Florida Golf.net to the Ghin system. This is not an option and will be used nationwide. The cost of approximately $9,000 compared to our cost we have now $2,000 was discussed. How this is going to be paid for will be a financial issue. People in the Ghin system in different areas will have to join this system also. The actual cost is $15 per golfer. The original transition to the Ghin system was going to take place on January 8th, 2018. This will not happen until probably the 1st of July.

The problems with people not posting scores and playing in tournaments was explained by Neal Prescott and how they are handled.

The Meeting Adjourned at 11:05 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted
John Harbour Secretary

​​HGMGA Meeting Notes – December 12, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 12:48 p.m. in Heron Glen restaurant by Vice President Steve Boulton. The Secretary's minutes and Treasure's report were each approved as posted.

Director of Golf Course Maintenance Tim Kortanek talked about the Flowers being installed and the progress of the sod being installed. He discussed fertilizing, palm tree trimming, the future trimming of the Oaks and the positioning of out of bounds stakes. He was asked about the future land where the tree went down next to 17 green. He told us they were going to sod it.

Membership chairman Bill Bedore introduced new members Chuck Polosky and Kel Sherkin.

Jack Birecree gave a report on the 8th Annual Member-Guest Tournament February 6-7, 2017. The price is $225 per team and it comes with a great package, including a practice round this year, 2 days of competition followed with great meals in the Restaurant and a gift for the Guest. The sign up starts at 7:30 a.m. December 13, 3017 and this usually fills up in a couple days.

President Frost announced that George Mc Cabe will be the chairman for the Blue Ribbon Tournament this year.

Jack Howard awarded $150.00 checks to Frank DeSantis and Bob Trent for there recent hole in ones.He also gave an update on the season long closet to pin contest.

  • Hole 4 Tom Lambeseder, 4ft. 1 in.
  • hole 7 Glen Price, 7 in.
  • hole 11 Bill Harville 1 ft. 8 in. and
  • hole 14 Archie Marshall, 2 ft. 7 in.

It was also mentioned that Ed McQuiston who is 90 years old shot a 90 today.

Golf Pro Nathan Wilson gave a detailed explanation on how the pairing are decided for Mens Day events. Handicap totals are used and an occasional shuffle to play with different players. Nathan also went over Proposed Rule Change-dropping a ball procedure Rule 14.3 which if approved will go in place in 2019. He talked about the reason for the change to speed up play instead of having to re-drop several times. He also explained Rule 16-1c/3 which details of moving a ball on the green due to and old hole plug. Rule 25-1. Abnormal ground conditions on the putting green. He also discussed the need to Putting out for posted scores.

Nathan then gave the results for the quota game that was played, Steve Boulton explained to the members the process for getting a pitcher of beer on member ship days. The 1st cart in each row will receive a ticket for a pitcher of beer for that group.

Larry Cummings conducted the 50/50

  • 1st Place $58.00 Terry Pye
  • 2nd Place $22.00 Frank DeSantis
  • 3rd Place $12.00 Don Misener
  • Free Golf Lesson Tom Donohue With no further business the meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m.

Respectively Submitted
John Harbour Secretary

HGMGA Board Meeting Notes – December 6th, 2017

The HGMGA Board met at 9:00 a.m. in Card Room C. Present were Larry Frost, Steve Boulton, John Harbour, Bill Harville, Larry Pedersen, Jack Howard, Jack Birecree, Bill Bedore, Neal Prescott, Gene Dumont and Nathan Wilson.

Steve Boulton discussed a good time for holding our future HGMGA Board meetings. It was decided early Monday morning would work good for the entire board.

Jack Birecree mentioned that the 2 hole-in-one members of the MGA was given a 6 day window to use up there $400.00 insurance money which created an awkward condition . Several different time tables that have been used lately with a variety of of when it was used. Nathan wasn't sure what was used and created a lengthy discussion what and who decides. The board agreed that it shouldn't matter when as long as the lounge is available. President Frost is going to check into the matter further.

President Frost then discussed the meeting agenda for MGA meeting December 12th, 2017. He also mentioned the Blue Ribbon Tournament will be chaired by George McCabe. The date will be changed to March 20th, 2017 and basically changing days with the Outback/Historic District tournament which will move to March 13th, 2017. After a lengthy discussion it was decided the food would be cooked and served out on the Veranda just like it was last year. This will move MGA members meeting to the 3rd Tuesday in March.

Treasure Bill Harville discussed the necessity to changing of the job description that he was given. It was noted all job descriptions are already listed on the Website and won't need to be updated. Bill also discussed the benefits of paying for the audit over giving them a free membership. That was agreed upon is a better way to go. The 501C that HGMGA which is being shared with the Bocce association was discussed and Bill mentioned he had been approached by another group to share the 501C with. The auditor mentioned to Bill that it should probably be looked at by the Board. After discussion it was decided as long as it stays under $10,000.00 we should proceed as normal.

Supervisor of the HGRD Larry Pedersen discussed his concern of the financial status of the MGA with Bills predictions from our last meeting. The hole-in-one payout was questioned if it may need to be adjusted in the future instead of just being dropped. Bill feels like by our January meeting he will have a better handle on future finances with declining membership, etc.

Nathan gave figures of local courses and approximately a 4% decline is pretty much the average. Our decline of membership is quite a bit more than that.in the MGA.

Gene Dumont gave a detailed update on the Member/Guest tournament being held February 6th and 7th 2018. The sign up for this event starts December 13th, 2017. The entry fee is $225.00, All entry forms are to be filled out in full in order to be on the list. Gene discussed the need of potential sponsors which would go in our yellow pages. The cancellation and refund policy was discussed and how it would be handled. It was noted that it is listed on the application. Gene also mentioned that the next year Chairman for different events should be in place by the last MGA meeting. With the present Chairman of each event finding his replacement.

Nathan discussed the papers that are given to new members. President Frost mentioned the need for a more aggressive type flyer be made up and attached to the hand outs. Membership issues were discussed with need to possibly form a group to address issues such as having the MGA on the television and several more ideas for increasing our membership. Steve Boulton, John Harbour, Larry Harville, Larry Frost and possibly Jack Howard have agreed to meet and follow up on some the ideas mentioned. John asked about the progress of changing from Golf Net to the Ghin system. Neal being on the handicap committee was aware of the change but doesn't see us doing it this fiscal year. A discussion of the good and bad were mentioned. It was noted its not an option and the entire State of Florida will be going to it.

The out of bounds stakes which have been moved back to there proper location was discussed. The grounds people are having issues with home owners moving them. Bob Trent said the grounds crew were going to cut a 6" trench along the out of bounds and then paint it. This process will not probably be started till next summer. With no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:37

Respectively Submitted
John Harbour Secretary

​​HGMGA Meeting Notes – November 14, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 12:24 p.m. in Heron Glen restaurant by President Larry Frost. The Secretary's minutes and Treasure's report was were both approved as posted.Larry asked for all Veterans American or Canadian to please stand to be recognized for there service. A nice round of applause for the veterans.

Membership chairman Bill Bedore read the name of new members for the 2017-2018 season. September Tim Bruce and Bill Hawkins. October John Ackerson, Jim Overholser. John Harman and Rod Jones. November Duane Parkinson and Carl Olsen.

Gene Dumont reminded everyone to get signed up for next Tuesday golf which is the Jack and Jill. Gene described the process for signing up and the structure of the game with a Banquet immediately following in the restaurant. He also noted that the 2 Ball Match Tournament sign up would begin on November 15, 2017. The first 2 matches will be scheduled December 12, 2017 and January 9.2018. The first 64 teams will be participating. Gene also talked about the member/guest tournament which he is the chairman this year. 

President Larry Frost announced they are looking for an organizer (Chairman) for March Blue Ribbon Tournament on March 13, 2018. This is the old Arnie's Army.

The Director of Golf Course Maintenance and Grounds Tim Kortanek  was introduced to the group.Tim gave a detailed update on course conditions after very wet summer and Hurricane Irma. He discussed, wet conditions, sprinkler settings and zones, removal of remaining trees and stumps, the tree next to 17 green, the trees and cart path along hole 6, the process for filling stump holes in preparation for sod, installation of flowers, removal of flowers behind 17, green aerification and verticut, palmetto trimming, palm tree trimming, the installing of yardage distance on cart paths instead of painting, pine straw spreading, cutting of greens and the hole cutting and a 6" cutting along all out of bounds to bring boundaries back to original place.

Jack Howard gave update on season long contest for closest to the pin. Jack explained the hole-in-ones do not qualify for the closest to the pin in the season long contest. He also gave an update of each leader on the par 3's.

Pro Nathan Wilson reported the winners of all 4 flights of todays game 2 Man Ryder Cup.

Jim Foster conducted the 50/50 winners.

  • 1st Place    Winner  Jack Clark-$60
  • 2nd Place   Winner  Wayne Heard-$30
  • 3rd Place    Winner  Tom Dalton-$20.00
  • Free Golf Lesson  Gene Dumont

With no further business the meeting was adjourned by President Larry Frost at 12:55 p.m.

Respectively Submitted
John Harbour Secretary


​HGMGA Board Meeting Notes – November 8, 2017 

The HGMGA Board met at 1:00n p.m in Card Room C on November 8, 2017. Present were Larry Frost, Steve Boulton, John Harbour, Bill Harville, Larry Pedersen, Jack Howard, Gene Dumont, General Manager Loraine Vienne and Director gof Golf Course Maintenance and Grounds Tim Kortanek.        
Loraine Vienne discussed the update of the Renovation Committee meeting to be held on November 16, 2017. She  explained the reasoning for bringing an Architect on to bring costs and priorities for the projected  2021 Renovation. She explained the different different tier of renovation with the help of the Architect. She discussed the course condition including damage from Irma.  An update on Golf Course membership was given including the membership projections which will have an impact on the financing of future projects.        
Tim Kortanek discussed with the group on recent wet conditions of the course. His error in over watering due to settings that he had not adjusted since he took over his Director position. This condition will be corrected and he feels some of the other issues will be resolved with in a few weeks when chemicals have time to do there job. He gave an update on Irma damage repairs and a schedule of this on going work along with the regular daily course cutting and maintenance with a very large amount of employee turn over and working with a 4 man shortage. Tim also touched on County restrictions, shotgun starts and employee training. 
There was lengthy discussion between Board members, Tim and Loraine on several issues of concern and questions. Most of the discussion it was decided will be addressed by the Renovation Committee on November 16th. Some of the issues were out of bound markers, pace of play, drainage, pine straw distribution, Palmetto trimming, yardage, the planting of seasonal flowers, the collar on the greens, flowers planted behind 17, removal of sand traps, etc. It was mentioned that the changes hopefully will not jeopardize our slope/rating. 
Larry talked about the Blue Ribbon tournament which replaced the Arnies Army March 13th. Larry is looking for someone to take Committee Chair for this charity. A lengthy discussion on possibilities of changing the name so proceed could go to a local charity similar to what HGLGA does. 
Gene Dumont as Chairman of the member/guess tournament gave an update on the event held February 6th and 7th. His Committee has raised entry fee to give the committee an opportunity to enhance gifts for a more attractive package. 
Bill Harville passed out the 2016-2017 fiscal year financial report.  Bill had a few issues that were unclear and he got them resolved. For future predictions he feels at the present outlook the MGA will be broke in 3 years. This brought a lengthy discussion on membership ideas to increase MGA membership were mentioned and with that Larry is going to talk with Bill Bedore on possibly putting them into place. Including a welcome committee. 
Larry discussed the agenda procedure for the HGMGA meeting November14, 2017. No further business the meeting adjourned at 3:01 p.m. 

Respectively Submitted
John Harbour Secretary

​HGMGA Meeting Notes – October 10, 2017

Prior to the meeting Tim Kortanek, Director of Golf Course Maintenance and Grounds introduced himself to the group. He gave a detail of where he has been, where he has worked and where he is from. He noted that since he has been at the Glen we have received 60 inches of rain over a 4 month period. The normal rainfall for a year is 55 inches so this has created several challenges that are being addressed. He gave a thorough update on the Progress of the clean up and maintenance after Hurricane Irma.

He gave a detailed priority schedule for tree and stump removal, the installation of a new type sand that is called Angel and does not have any clay in it. The grass cutting on the greens, tees, fairways and rough will be slowly progressing back to the normal heights. He noted the recent lack of rain has been very encouraging. He was given several suggestions by the members for things to help improve the course and make it safer. The need for a path between the flowers behind 17 green and restrooms was mentioned along with the need to trim around the drains so they can be seen and not tripped into.

He also welcomes any visits to his office or communication while out on the course for any concerns or possible changes needed. He was commended with a round of applause by the group for the great job he has done within such a short period of time after the tremendous amount of damage Irma did to the course.

The meeting was called to order at 12:45 p.m. by Vice President Steve Boulton.

HGRD Supervisor Larry Pedersen addressed the procedure for signing up For the weekly skins. He stated to please go to pro shop and sign up for weekly skins. Larry also gave update on Larry Cummings recent issues.

The Secretary’s report and Treasurer’s report reports were both approved as posted.

Treasurer Bill Harville read the list of new members:

  1. Michael Toomey
  2. Timothy Bruce
  3. Bill Hawkins
  4. John Ackerson.

Bill also reminded everyone about the $30 HGMGA dues. Also noted that you need to update your e-mail address so that you receive the weekly Newsletter from Jack Birecree.

Gene Dumont reported on the Member/ Guest tournament. Jon and Linda Edinger retired after last years tournament and the need for a Volunteer to become the Chairman is needed. Gene commended the Edinger’s for all their dedication and hard work they put in over the years. Please contact Gene to Volunteer to Chair this committee.

Events and Handicap Chairman Neal Prescott gave a review of the upcoming events and Tournaments. Sheets are available for all members to review.

Nathan Wilson and John Abbott gave the results for the game played today which was best ball of 2 pick your partner. The closest to the pin where announced also.

Under old business Vice President Steve Boulton called up the last years President Gene Dumont and thanked him for his hard work and dedication. Steve presented Gene a gift card from the MGA as a token of appreciation.

Secretary John Harbour reminded everyone that HGMGA.com website is a place where you read all meeting minutes and Treasurer’s reports. Minutes are also posted outside of the Pro Shop on the bulletin board. He also mentioned that Jack Birecree has a weekly Newsletter that is very informative and is available on the web site. Jack is always looking for any news, pictures etc. to put in the Newsletter.

Jim Foster And Vice President Steve Boulton conducted the 50/50 raffle. Winners:

  • $50.00 Ron Klewin
  • $25.00 Phil Satyshur
  • $10.00 Neal Prescott
  • $50.00 Pro Shop gift card for golf lessons Wayne Heard

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:09 P.M.

Respectively Submitted
John Harbour Secretary

​HGMGA Meeting Notes – April 12, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 12:40 p.m. by President Gene Dumont. Gene welcomed everyone to the last meeting of the 2016-2017 season.

The Secretary’s report and Treasurer’s report were both approved as posted. Dick Sorenson and Ken Cidela were thanked for their efforts as Secretary and Treasurer over the past two years.

Bill Bedore, Membership Chair, introduced two new members:

  1. Dennis Nickerson from Howell, Michigan
  2. Ray Greco from Rhode Island.

Events Chair Neal Prescott reported on upcoming events.  Men’s league play will continue through May.  Next year’s schedule is posted on the website and contains a few changes.

  • The MGA Championship will return starting February 13, 2018.  It will be flighted with gross scores within the flights.  The final will be a 36 hole match with 18 holes each played on March 7 and March 10.
  • The Outback vs. Historic District event will have a new format.  It will be a match play format with 3 points at stake in each match, front 9, back 9 and overall.  This will make it easier to determine progress of the tournament as players finish.  A picnic on the veranda will again be held.
  • The member/Member will be a one day tournament.
  • The Shootout will be open to all who wish to play – no qualifier. Flight winners will be matched again for an overall shootout champion.

Neal Prescott was thanked for his efforts as Events and Handicap chair over the past two years.

President Dumont introduced today’s special guest, golf Course Superintendent T. J. Shine. T.J. has announced his resignation and will be leaving Herons Glen at the end of the month.  T.J. thanked everyone for making Herons Glen a good place to work during the past seven years.  It was a difficult decision for him to leave. T.J. was presented a gift card from the MGA for his efforts and received a standing ovation from the members.

Three time club champion Pres Brown noted that our golf course is rated as the best in Lee County and thanked T.J. for doing a wonderful job on maintaining the course.

Events chair Terry Boots presented a season long Closest To Pin award of $100 to:

  • Bob Carver, #4 – 1’11 ½” (Carver beat out Frank DeSantis today, the last day of competition).
  • Joe Cox, #7 – 2’1”
  • Bob Klewicki, #11 –  9“
  • Tom Spenceley, #14 – 10 ½”

Terry Boots was thanked for his efforts as Events and Skins chair, along with Larry Pedersen.

Larry Cummings and Jim Foster conducted the 50/50 raffle. Winners:

  • $78 – Jim Troicke
  • $39 – Ron Hollander
  • $18 – Gary Pasche
  • Golf Lesson – Greg Popp

Cummings and Foster were thanked for conducting the raffle.

President Dumont thanked the membership for their cooperation and friendship during his past four years as MGA Vice President and President.  A special thanks was for Jack Birecree who posted the web site and newsletter.

President Dumont was thanked for his efforts.

Nominating Committee Chair Larry Orr presented a slate of candidates for MGA officers for the next two years:

  • President – Larry Frost
  • Vice President – Steve Boulton
  • Secretary – John Harbour
  • Treasurer – Bill Harville

The slate of candidates was unanimously approved.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Dick Sorenson, Secretary

​HGMGA Meeting Notes – March 14, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 12:40 p.m. by President Gene Dumont.  The Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports were approved as posted.

New members – there were no new members since our last meeting.

Terry Boots, Events Chair, gave an updated report on season long Closest to Pin standings.  Leaders at this time are:

  • #4 Frank De Santis  2ft. 1 in.
  • #7 Joe Cox 2ft. 1 in.
  • #11 Jack Howard (new since last meeting) 2 ft. 2 in.
  • #14 Tom Spenceley 10 ft ½ in.

Next month’s results will determine the season winners.

President Dumont introduced guest speaker and MGA member Jim Kerschner who reported on proposed new USGA rules to become effective, if adopted, on January 1, 2019.  There are currently 34 rules, with a proposed reduction to 24, designed primarily to speed up play.  (There was one rule originally adopted in the 18th century – Hit the Ball, Get It In The Hole, Move On To The Next Hole).

New rules under consideration include:

  • Any marks on the green may be repaired without penalty.
  • No penalty if the ball is accidentally moved while on the green.
  • Loose impediments in a bunker may be removed without penalty.
  • Rule for placing a ball in a hazard would be liberalized.
  • When dropping a ball for placement out of a hazard or unplayable lie, it will no longer be necessary to drop the ball from shoulder height.  Ball can be dropped as long as there is “air” underneath it. 
  • Caddies can no longer line up shots. (Would not apply to clubs such as ours.)
  • Damaged golf equipment can be put back in play before the end of the round.
  • Play ready golf to speed up play.
  • Record a maximum score, based on handicap, and move on to the next hole.

Kerschner noted that the origin of 18 holes for a round was that there were 18 shots in a bottle of whiskey.  Further details can be found on the USGA web site.

Activities Chair Neal Prescott reported on upcoming events.  The Club Championship will be next weekend, March 18 and 19.

  • The Shootout Final will be on March 28.  Volunteers are needed to help score.
  • The Couples Championship will be on April 4 and 5.  Couples must be spouses or Significant Others.  Couples sign up starts march 17.

Results of today’s Blue Ribbon Tournament closest to the pin were:

Hole #11

  • 3rd place – Terry Boots – $50 Callaway Gift Card.
  • 2nd place – Bob Herbstreit – $100 Callaway Gift Card.
  • 1st place – Bruce Lanterman – $100 Callaway Gift Card

Hole #14

  • 3rd place – Glenn Roy – Golf Shirt.
  • 2nd  place – Jack Peckham – $100 Callaway gift card.
  • 1st  place – Wendell Gates – $100 Callaway gift card.

Only those golfers who signed up to participate in the Blue Ribbon Tournament prizes were eligible for prizes.  Callaway gift cards are not redeemable for merchandise in the pro shop.  Go to Callaway’s web site to determine how to use your card.

President Dumont announced the following candidates for MGA officers:

  • President – Larry Frost
  • Vice President – Steve Boulton
  • Secretary – John Harbour
  • Treasurer – Bill Harville.

The new officers will be elected at our final meeting of the year in April.  Additional nominees may be entered by contacting the nominating committee – Larry Orr, Gary Pasche, Ron Hollander.  No nominees will be accepted from the floor at our next meeting.

Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson announced the results of today’s events.

Larry Cummings conducted the 50/50 raffle.

  • 1st prize $80 – George Kapitor
  • 2nd prize – $42 – Glenn Roy
  • 3rd prize – $18 – Gene Dumont.

Two free golf lessons were won by Dick Ullman and Ray Davis.

There was no new or old business.

The meeting adjourned at 1:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted
Dick Sorenson, Secretary

​HGMGA Board Meeting Notes – March 6, 2017

The HGMGA Board met at 4:30 p.m. in Card Room B on March 6, 2017.  Present were:  Gene Dumont, Ken Cidela, Dick Sorenson, Jack Birecree, Terry Boots, Larry Frost, Bill Harville, Steve Kisner, Larry Pedersen, Peter Polvinen, Neal Prescott

Larry Frost, serving as liaison with the Pretty in Pink upcoming tournament, gave a report on its status.  There is not much change from last year’s format.  MGA will have its Arnie’s Army event on March 14.  A $25 donation is suggested for participation. Signs for hole sponsorship will be put out Tuesday evening.

Steve Kisner reported on activities of the MGA AD Hoc Golf Course Renovation committee.  They met with the HGRD Long Range Planning Committee and presented proposals to that group.  The recommendations of the Ad Hoc group were well received by the full committee. Some low cost items can be accomplished next year and made part of the Maintenance Department’s schedule. The big question is how much of a budget can Herons Glen assume. 

HGRD Supervisor Pedersen said the Ad Hoc committee’s input will be considered before final plans are developed by an architect. He noted Kisner’s report was a very professional process and presentation and he applauded the Ad Hoc Committee’s work to date.  

Steve continued that it’s necessary to focus on all cost categories and to determine priorities.  Prints of the original golf course design have been received.  General Manager Vienne has requested a report on all cost items.  Items to be done will be decided 12 – 16 months prior to work being started. Existing out of bounds concrete markers can be located.  Bob Trent, past president of MGA, has indicated he knows their locations. T. J. Shine, Course Superintendent, has suggested marking out of bounds line with pine straw and the white stakes to be located in the middle of the marking.

The recently concluded Historic District/Outback tournament was discussed.  Reaction has been positive.  Much discussion was held on the format and how to speed up play and avoid a delay on calculating final results.  Consensus was to have a 3 point match play format with one on one pairings. Discussion was held on limiting the number of players to 60 on each side, although there was some reluctance to do this.

Gene Dumont said next season’s MGA schedule has been tentatively set.  No major changes are anticipated from the past year.

The upcoming Club Championship weekend was discussed.  A match play elimination format seemed to be favored.  Anyone can play in the tournament, regardless of membership in MGA.

Gene Dumont announced that Larry Frost has agreed to be a candidate for MGA president.  This completes the slate of officer nominees and they will be announced at next week’s MGA luncheon meeting on March 14.

Discussion was held on the upcoming Couples Tournament.  It was agreed that teams should be husband and wife/significant other.  This needs to be stressed. MGA can afford to subsidize the Couples Tournament.

Additional four person team events need to be scheduled by the pro shop on Tuesdays.  This enables members to meet other players.

The meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted
Dick Sorenson, Secretary

​HGMGA Meeting Notes – February 14, 2017

The meeting was called to order at approximately 12:14 p.m. by President Gene Dumont.  The Secretary’s minutes and Treasurer’s report were approved as posted.

President Dumont introduced today’s speaker, HGRD General Manager Lorraine Vienne.  She presented an update on necessary repairs being performed on the Fitness Center.  Temporary relocation of certain Fitness Center equipment is being made while repairs are completed. 

Ms. Vienne also gave an update on the status of the forensic audit being conducted as a result of embezzlement of funds by the former General Manager Josh Hall.  Total money missing is approximately $278,000.  Hall has reimbursed Herons Glen $100,000.  We are attempting to get the cost of the forensic audit covered by our liability insurance. Our insurance coverage is $250,000. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has received all information we have regarding the loss of money.  It is up to them and the County Attorney General to file charges.  White collar crime prosecution typically moves slower than other crimes such as felonies, murders, etc.

In response to questions from the floor, Ms. Vienne said the Traffic Light status is the responsibility of the HOA and HGRD has nothing to do with it.

The ice cooler was removed from hole #11 due to sanitary considerations. HGRD is considering different options to replace it.

Ms. Vienne said her door is always open and if there are any problems, residents should feel free to contact her by e-mail or telephone.  She is also beginning a series of “Coffee with the General Manager” events starting on Tuesday, Feb. 28.  She realizes this will conflict with MGA golf on that date and she will schedule other events not on a Tuesday.

President Dumont presented a check for $150 to Dwight Holton for his recent Hole In One on Men’s Day.

Bill Bedore, Membership Chair, introduced new members:

  1. Tom Pilla
  2. Art Foreman
  3. Paul Shipman
  4. Jim Underhill (returning member)

In the absence of Events Chair Neal Prescott, President Dumont reported on upcoming events. The 3rd round of the 2-ball is March 7.

Next week, Feb. 21, is the eagerly anticipated Outback Outlaws vs. Historic District Heroes tournament. (After the meeting, it was announced the tournament has been rescheduled to February 28.)

Pres Brown is Captain of the Heroes and Don Seifert is Captain of the Outlaws.  Hero Captain Brown emphasized the Historic experience versus relative youth of the Outback.  The three principles that guide him are Respect, Humility and Common Sense.  He announced Hero co-captains are Walter Higgins and Frank DeSantis. 

Outlaw Captain Seifert noted that the three club championships won by Hero Captain Brown were rumored to be on an old executive course.  He also noted that there are currently 11 more golfers signed up to play with the Outback than there are for the Historic District.  He suggested that Captain Brown needs to knock on some doors to get more Historic golfers to play.

President Dumont said the format will be a quota, and golfers will get minus points for triple bogeys or worse.

Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson gave the results of today’s event.

President Dumont reported that the Nominating Committee is working hard to fill a slate of officers for next year.  It is very important that someone steps forward for the offices of President and Vice President. The committee consists of Larry Orr, Ron Hollander and Gary Pasche.

Jack Birecree gave a report on the Golf Course Improvement Committee.  Its purpose is to provide input to the HGRD on the scheduled golf course renovation in 2021.  The committee wants to look at any changes from the player’s perspective.  They would like to improve the pace of play without changing the slope and rating of the course.  A link is now available where members can make recommendations directly to the committee.  Each submission will be looked at. Each hole has been analyzed and a detailed list of recommended changes has been prepared.  The changes are ranked on the basis of benefits versus cost.   Items of priority include: Sand dams around the greens, out of bounds boundaries and markings, removal of palmetto bushes on the course to reduce time spent looking for errant balls, making #6 tees into real tees instead of markers on the fairway, reduction of bunker sizes, fix wet fairways and green aprons, allow grass to grow longer on certain areas to prevent balls from rolling into a hazard, increasing the size of the tee boxes, installation of flower beds near tee boxes, more undulation on the greens, varying the relation between tee marker and pin placements, creation of a par 3 course by installing yardage plates on the course, and adding yardage plates to sprinkler heads.  The overall goal is to make the course more playable.  Our greens are shrinking and nearing the end of their life expectancy.  Greens were last refurbished in 2006.

President Dumont introduced Terri Kapitor, who is Chair of the Pretty in Pink raffle, silent auction and golf events.  The tournament is scheduled for March 15 and it is hoped they will be able to make a significant donation to Breast Cancer research.  Ms. Kapitor highlighted some of the outside support promised by Lee County businesses and some of the outstanding prizes available.

President Dumont introduced Mary Ann Polvinen, a Herons Glen resident who is a candidate for HGRD Supervisor in the upcoming election.  Ms. Polvinen gave a brief summary of her background and why she is running for Supervisor.  She said she would be available for questions after the meeting. 

There was no Old or New business.

The 50/50 raffle was conducted.

  • 1st place winner – Bob Carver – $72
  • 2nd place winner – Wendell Gates – $36
  • 3rd  place winner – Bob Sanvi – $14.
  • Free Golf Lesson – Mike Russinik
  • Free session on Golf Simulator – Terry Boots.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Dick Sorenson, Secretary

​HGMGA Board Meeting Notes – January 30, 2017

The HGMGA board met at 4:30 p.m. on January 30, 2017 in Card Room B.  Present were: Gene Dumont, Dick Sorenson, Ken Cidela, Bll Bedore, Jack Birecree, Terry Boots, Jim Kerschner, Steve Kisner, Larry Pedersen and Neal Prescott.

Gene Dumont reported on the progress of the Nominating Committee to find candidates for the four officer positions for the following year.  Rick Sanders has resigned as MGA Vice President. Progress is being made, despite the difficulty in finding people willing to be candidates.

The upcoming Outback/Historic District tournament was discussed.  Even though it is a team event, the top four finishers of each team will receive cash awards each of $40, $30, $20 and $10.  Winnings will be distributed at the cookout following the event, if possible.  The MGA will pay for beer and soft drinks at the cookout. It is also planned to have real time scoring in the dining area during the tournament. Honorary Captains were discussed and possibilities for each team were considered.  It was felt we should recognize long time MGA members and we should have one Captain for each team. The Captain candidates will be contacted to see if they are willing to serve.  (There are no official duties for the Captains.)

Ken Cidela led a discussion of the MGA budget for 2016/2017.  Contributions to specific charities need to be earmarked.  Other items discussed were a $600 line item for golf course improvement and a season ending spring picnic for MGA members.  It was pointed out that whatever we do in the upcoming budget will set a precedent for future MGA boards.  It was decided not to have a Welcome Back luncheon in October.

More discussion was held on charities to be supported in next year’s budget.  Specific charities included are Harry Chapin Food Bank, Calusa Nature Center, Partners for Breast Cancer (Pretty in Pink) and Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Steve Kisner reported on the progress of the MGA Ad Hoc Committee on golf course improvements. Both the MGA and LGA are being asked for their inputs.  Improvements are to begin in 2021, but some improvements can be made in years prior. Steve’s report consisted of a list of general recommendations and a hole by hole detail of specific changes.  Practice facilities are also included.  It is intended that this be a living document for review semi-annually by both the HGRD board and the golfing community.  Each specific recommendation is further identified by Group, Cost and Benefit.  It was asked if these improvements would change the slope rating of our course.  It was suggested that the Florida Golf Association (FGA) review the proposed changes to determine possible effect on the slope rating.  Overall, the report was praised as comprehensive and helpful. 

The next step is to meet with LGA representatives and get their inputs into the process.

The meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Dick Sorenson, Secretary

Monthly Meeting – January 10, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 12:40 p.m. by Secretary Dick Sorenson, in the temporary absence of President Gene Dumont.  The Secretary’s minutes and Treasurer’s report were each approved as posted.

Membership Chair Bill Bedore introduced two new members of the HGMGA:

  1. Wally Buesing
  2. Thomas Pilla

Events Chair Terry Boots gave an update on the season long Closest To Pin contest. Leaders to date are:

  • #4 – Frank DeSantis 2’1”
  • #7 – Joe Cox   2”1”
  • #11 – Larry Frost 3’0”
  • #14 – Tom Spenceley 10’1/2”

Walt Checko gave an update on the Charlotte County landfill odor problem.  There is good news! There has been only one incident since August, 2016, which occurred on November 14, 2016.  The Waste Connections company has taken several steps to comply with a consent order entered into.  A pipe has been installed to collect hydrogen sulfide gas, the primary cause of odors, and disperse it into the atmosphere.  A misting vent has been installed on the hill which covers construction debris to further reduce odors.  The cover itself on the hill has been improved.  Thanks to all who submitted complaint forms.  These were instrumental in getting the consent order issued.  The process is ongoing, and residents are encouraged to continue submitting complaint forms in the event of an odor problem.

Jon Edinger gave a report on the upcoming Member/Guest tournament scheduled for February 7 and 8.  The tournament is full with 10 stand-bys. The Wednesday afternoon format has been changed to a scramble to speed up play.  Volunteers are needed to serve on the committee and assist during the tournament.

Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson introduced today’s speaker – Dr. Shannon Reece of Training for Optimal Performance.  Dr. Reece talked about the use of individual powers of imagination to improve your golf game. Imagination is a powerful tool, particularly in removing negative thoughts from your mind when playing a round of golf. When used regularly each day, for as little as 10 minutes per day, and in conjunction with practice on the range, golfers can change their swing, recover from missed shots, etc.  Mental imaging is practicing in your head what you do on the course. The body reacts to what imagination creates.  Dr. Reece demonstrated a simple rotation exercise to show what she meant.  The key to successful imaging is a detailed experience.  The brain instructs the muscles how to move.  This practice has been used by successful athletes for decades in all sports, not just golf. Regardless of your skill level, you can improve your swing and confidence in golf.  As a supplement to actual practice on the range, mental imaging can be an effective part of your pre-shot routine. Members present went through another exercise, this time imagining a chip shot off the green.  Their reactions were then recorded on a questionnaire.  Dr. Reece gave each attendee an opportunity to purchase a six-part video and a golf school here at Herons Glen on January 23, 2017.  The school is limited to a maximum of eight golfers.  Emphasis will be on actual playing on our course.  The cost can be charged to a member’s house account.

Questions from the floor:

  1. Does Dr. Reece play golf herself and does she have an established handicap?  She plays primarily for enjoyment and does not have a regular handicap.
  2. Has she actually helped specific people improve their game using this technique? Yes, but she does not reveal names.  She works with professionals and amateurs.
  3. Where is her office located? She operates out of Tiburon Golf club in Naples.

Events Chair Neal Prescott reported on upcoming events. Today was the first round of the 2-ball tournament.  Next round is February 14.  The third round will be on March 7. The next two weeks, January 17 and 24, will be the Presidents Cup, and also Shoot Out qualifier rounds. Member/Guest is February 7 and 8.   The Outback/Historic District tournament is February 21.  Sign up for the tournament will be one week prior in the pro shop. Shirts should be ordered by Jan. 14.

The Handicap Committee has prepared a report for all golfers comparing rounds played versus scores posted.  This is available in a binder in the pro shop next to the computer. Eight or more rounds is the cut-off for comparing.  Several e-mails have been sent to members who do not meet the posting criteria.

Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson gave the results of today’s matches.  The pro shop wants to get a variety of speakers for MGA meetings and do some different things.  Suggestions from the members are welcome.

Larry Orr gave an update on progress of the Nominating Committee, composed of himself, Ron Hollander and Gary Pasche.  The Secretary and Treasurer jobs can be accomplished behind the scenes and normally do not involve presentations before the membership.  All four officers are up for nomination.  One person has expressed interest in becoming Treasurer.  People need to step forward either by contacting a member of the committee or any member of the MGA board.

Steve Kisner gave a report on activities of the Golf Course Improvement Committee. The committee’s purpose is to find a voice for ideas from MGA and LGA for golf course changes, scheduled to commence in 2021.  What would you like to see happen? Members will be hearing more about this in the future.

There was no old or new business.

Larry Cummings and Jim Foster conducted the 50/50 raffle. Winners:

  • $70 – Jim Troicke,
  • $36 – Walter Higgins,
  • $18 – Phil Satyshur.
  • Free Golf Lesson – Frank DeSantis
  • Free Golf Simulator session – Frank DeSmet

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m. by President Gene Dumont.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Dick Sorenson, Secretary

HGMGA Board Meeting Notes – Jan. 2, 2017

The HGMGA board met at 4:30 p.m. on January 2, 2017 in Card Room B.  Present were Gene Dumont, Dick Sorenson, Bill Bedore, Jack Birecree, Terry Boots, Larry Orr, Jim Kerschner, Steve Kisner, Larry Pedersen and Neal Prescott.

Larry Orr gave a report on the progress of the Nominating Committee to prepare a slate of candidates for HGMGA officers for next year. The Committee met before Christmas and went through the roster of HGMA members.  A list of 22 prospects was obtained from this review.  The next step is to meet with these prospects prior to the next committee meeting on January 19.  One person has expressed interest in the Treasurer position, while another did the same for the Secretary position.  There have been no firm commitments from anyone at this time to be a candidate. The President position is the hardest to fill without prior experience as an HGMA officer.  The committee hopes to have more names and information by February.

It was noted that candidates can be assured of support by outgoing officers regarding responsibilities of the various positions.

The Outback/Historic District tournament was reviewed. Sign-up sheets are now in the pro shop to purchase golf shirts for the event. Members have questioned the border line for Outback/Historic District.  The border is Palo Duro where it intersects the entrance to the Enclave.  East of this area is considered Outback, West is considered Historic District.  The format is still under discussion, although match play has been eliminated.   The format will probably be a point quota system with balanced two man teams.  There is a $10 entry fee.  Each winning team gets $20, each losing team gets 0.  A triple bogey score counts as minus one point, meaning a putt for a double bogey is important..  The game will be based on gross score.  There is still time for fine tuning of the format details.  Discussion was held on the advisability of a cook-out for this tournament.  It was noted that the Pickleball league is having a cookout and charging $5 for burgers grilled on the Pickleball court site.

50 teams are signed up for the 2-ball tournament which starts on January 10.  The maximum is 64 teams, so there is still time to sign up.

The handicap committee, chaired by Neal Prescott, now has a report of rounds posted vs. rounds played.  Copies were passed out to the members present.  It is also available in the pro shop in a binder next to the computer.  So far, about 30 golfers have been eliminated from the system for non-posting.  31 letters have been mailed to members not posting their scores.  This effort includes all Herons Glen golfers, not just MGA members.  The focus is on a minimum of 8 rounds played.

USGA rule changes were discussed.  The ban on anchor putters will be enforced in MGA tournaments.

Steve Kisner reported on the committee to consider Course Improvement Recommendations.  The three members are trying to determine the scope and budget of the recommended improvement.  The different areas under consideration include Greens, Sand Bunkers, Course Drainage, Tee Reconstruction, Cart Path Repair and Irrigation Pipe Repair.  Golf Course Supt. T.J. Shine presented a detailed proposal at the recent open meeting on Course Improvement.  The role of the MGA in this process needs to be determined.  We can give our inputs.  (The LGA is also giving their inputs.)  After the committee concludes its review of T.J.’s proposal, perhaps we can share our thoughts with MGA members are an open forum meeting to get their feedback.  This is early in the process.  The costs of this project need to be determined and final priorities and budgets need to be set.  Larry Pedersen remarked that this is a multi year project and the HGRD wants to determine the costs so money can be set aside to avoid a resident assessment.

It was recommended that Steve Kisner’s final committee report be presented to the MGA board prior to it being submitted to the HGA membership.

Bill Bedore said there are two new members of MGA since the last meeting in December, 2016.

The guest speaker for next week’s meeting has not yet been decided. 

Jack Birecree suggested we consider having a beverage cart on the course and proposed the upcoming Member/Guest tournament would be a good time to try out the concept.  This would probably have to involve the Food and Beverage Manager. 

The meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m.
Dick Sorenson, Secretary

Monthly Meeting – December 13, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 12:35 p.m. by President Gene Dumont. The Secretary’s minutes and Treasurer’s report were each approved as posted.

President Dumont introduced new members of the HGMGA:

  1. Warren Camp
  2. Phil Rosati
  3. Charles Walton

Events Chair Terry Boots gave an update on the season long Closest To Pin contest.  Leaders to date are:

  • #4 – Frank DeSantis 2’5” (after today’s round)
  • #7 – Bill Bedore  2’ 7 3/4” 
  • #11 – Tom Dalton  3’10”
  • #14 – Tom Spenceley 10 ½”

It was stressed that a Hole In One does not count as a Closest To Pin.  If a golfer sees a Hole In One written on a hole marker on men’s day, go ahead and mark your distance.

Larry Pedersen noted that too much time is spent signing up for skins at the driving range before tee off.  All members wanting to enter the skins game are encouraged to sign up in the pro shop before tee off.

Vice President Rick Sanders introduced today’s guest speaker – Golf Course Superintendent T.J. Shine.  T.J.’s background includes a degree from Michigan State University in Turf Management, and extensive golf course experience at courses in Naples prior to joining Herons Glen in July, 2010.

T.J.’s comments covered the following:

  • Last summer was one of the most difficult weather seasons for our course in recent memory due to heavy rains and high humidity. Up until last week, we had gone 52 days without rain.  These weather conditions made necessary maintenance difficult to schedule and accomplish.
  • Staffing continues to be a major concern to his department.  He has been short a full complement of employees since February, 2015. Of his 16 total employees, only half have been here over one year.
  • A new machine for green aerification has helped to speed up this process on the greens.  
  • Sand dams (collars of lawn waste around the greens) are a problem caused by green maintenance.  This is hard to manage and is caused by over wetting of greens during the rainy season.  Fixing this is a very labor intensive project.
  • There will be a meeting on Dec. 19 to spell out long range plans for the golf course.  Members are encouraged to attend and offer their input.
  • Some plans include replacing low areas on holes 3, 5 and 8 with mulch and plantings to correct irrigation problems.
  • Pavers will be installed around ball washers on tees.
  • Drainage problems alongside cart paths on the tees will be addressed.
  • Sand will be added to greenside bunkers
  • Cart paths along holes 1, 6 and 10 need repair.  No money is budgeted for this, but efforts will be made to find the funds to do the work.
  • The seawall on hole 1 needs repair.
  • Wooden ties on hole 7 need repair/replacement.
  • Wet fairways are caused by summer rain and the design of the irrigation system.  Rough areas are not getting adequate water.  This is an ongoing battle.
  • We try to use as little water for irrigation as possible.  Usage has been reduced by about half since he came to Herons Glen.
  • His crew is time limited as to how much fairway aerification can be done on Mondays when the course is closed during the summer.  More top dressing is needed on the fairways.
  • Bermuda grass clippings cause problems with fairway maintenance. 

A member asked if there is any way to make the greens more receptive?  T.J. replied that water is our enemy.  The less water on the greens, the faster they are and vice versa.  More water also makes the greens more susceptible to disease.  Green aerification is the answer, but it’s difficult to find enough time necessary.

Another question was why are the par 3’s the same yardage? T.J. replied that this is a training issue with new employees. 

President Dumont noted that members will soon be surveyed and asked for ideas to improve our golf course.  He thanked T.J. for his time and efforts in maintaining our course.

Event Chair Terry Boots presented a check for $150 to Graham Mead for his hole in one last week on men’s day.

Head Golf Pro Nathan Wilson gave the results of today’s first round of the Member-Member tournament.  The tournament will be concluded next week.  There will be a pro shop sign-up sheet in the pro shop for an alternate game next week..

Tournament Chair Neal Prescott noted that the shoot-out qualifier rounds are still going on.  2-ball match play starts January 10. There will be 64 two man teams with a single elimination format. One loss and your team is out of the tournament. Payouts will be $160 for first place team, $120 for second place team, $80 for third place team and $40 for fourth place team. Future 2-ball dates are February 14 and March 14.  Sign-up sheets are now available in the pro shop. Handicaps will be 90%.

President Dumont noted that a nominating committee of Larry Orr, Ron Hollander and Gary Pasche has been formed to get a slate of candidates for next year’s officers of HGMGA.  All four offices are up for election. The committee is in the process of contacting prospective candidates.  Any member wishing to be a candidate should contact a member of the committee.

President Dumont announced a new tournament starting February 21 – Outback vs. Historic District.  The dividing line will be Palo Duro – east of The Preserve at the beginning of The Enclave will be in the Outback.  Shirts for the event at a cost of $23 plus tax can be ordered from the pro shop.  The Outback will wear white shirts and be known as the Outlaws, while the Historic District will wear red shirts and be known as the Heroes.  Shirts are not required to be purchased.  They may be ordered in early January, 2017.  Head Pro Nathan Wilson will lead one team and Assistant Pro John Abbott will lead the other team.  The format is still under  discussion, but will be either a point quota or individual two person team match play.

There was no new business and no comments from the floor.

The 50/50 raffle was conducted by Larry Cummings and Jim Foster.  Winners:

  • 1st place – Gary Pasche;
  • 2nd place – Gene Dumont;
  • 3rd Place – Frank DeSantis;
  • Free half hour golf lesson – Terry Boots;
  • Free hour on the Golf Simulator with 3 other guests – Rick Petruso.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Dick Sorenson, Secretary

HGMGA Board Meeting Notes – Dec. 5, 2016

The HGMGA Board me at 5 p.m. on Dec. 5, 2016 in Card Room B.  Present were Gene Dumont, Rick Sanders, Ken Cidela, Dick Sorenson, Jack Birecree, Jim Kerschner, Larry Pedersen and Neal Prescott.

Outback vs. Historic District Tournament:

  • Scheduled for Feb. 21, 2017.
  • Shirts for each side would be ordered – $20 to $23 each plus tax. White shirts for Outback and Red shirts for Historic district. Purchase of shirts is optional and may be done through the pro shop.
  • Palo Duro is the dividing line – roughly the same number of homes in each area. East of the Preserve at the beginning of The Enclave will be in the Outback portion.
  • Play mixed foursomes. 
  • Format – 2 man teams, match play. 1 bb of 2.
  • Since this is an MGA event, non-MGA members are not eligible to play.
  • What is cost to enter?  Is there going to be a meal after the tournament?  Should we purchase a plaque for the Hall of Champions?
  • Ken Cidela suggested we settle on a final budget for next year and determine cost for this event.
  • We will start talking this tournament up at our next meeting on Dec. 13.

Rounds posted vs rounds played.

  • Neal Prescott said we can compare Chelsea and Golf Net to determine if golfers are posting their rounds played.  This will affect their handicaps – golfers would have 0 handicap for all MGA tournaments if at least 50% of rounds played are not posted.
  • 18 letters were sent out last month to golfers who didn’t post at least half their rounds.

Budget for 2016-2017

  • It has been decided not to have Closest To Pin awards on men’s day during summer season.
  • Member – Guest is budgeted at less than $1000 cost.
  • Budget for six Hole in One awards ($150 each) for men’s day event.
  • $700 budgeted for charitable contributions.
  • Free pitcher of beer paid for by MGA for all foursomes on 2nd Tuesday of each month during the summer.
  • Total expense for next year – $7591.
  • Projected surplus at end of year – $3500. Starting this year with $5144 surplus.
  • Membership is assumed to be same number as last year.
  • Board needs to realize that surplus is decreasing. 
  • Dues were raised last year to enable MGA to continue Closest To Pin and Hole In One awards.

Course Improvements

  • $600 approved.  Need to come up with suggestions.  Membership survey would be best way to do this.
  • Ensure that T.J. knows that the MGA is very pleased with work done by he and his crew.
  • Larry Pedersen informed the board that T.J. Shine has been charged to develop a list of golf course projects so they can be budgeted.

Agenda for next meeting on 12-13.

  • Notify Gene by e-mail if there are any items to be added to agenda.
  • Ask T.J. Shine to address over watering of fairways.     

Dick Sorenson, Secretary

​HGMGA Board Meeting Notes – Nov. 21, 2016

The HGMGA Board met on 11-21-16 at 4:30 p.m. in Card Room B.  Present were Gene Dumont, Rick Sanders, Ken Cidela, Dick Sorenson, Jack Birecree, Terry Boots, Jim Kerschner, Larry Pedersen.

It was decided to refer to these meetings as HGMGA Board Meeting Notes.  They will be posted on the MGA website, but not on the regular monthly meeting agenda for membership approval.

Ken Cidela, Treasurer, reviewed the proposed 2016-2017 budget.  The budget is based on continuing the $30 membership dues.  We are starting the year with a $4115 surplus. We should have a surplus of $3500 at year end. Should we continue/increase our charitable giving again this year?  The Joe Reda Scholarship Fund contribution will not be continued next year.  We are obligated to designate 20% of 50/50 raffle income to charity to maintain our tax-exempt status.  Ken will send out a detailed charitable giving breakdown to all board members within the next few days.

Summer HGMGA activities were discussed.  Should we pay Hole In One award ($150) and Closest To Pin award ($10) during the summer season – May through September?

End of season pizza and beer party was discussed.  Since we would have to have all food and drink provided by the restaurant, the cost of this would be significantly higher than our normal opening season pizza and beer lunch ordered from the outside.

A new MGA tournament – Historic District vs. Outback – was discussed, including format, MGA subsidy, pro shop contribution, honorary captains, special shirts purchased by participants and limitation to MGA members. 

Terry Boots suggested awards be given for low gross round in season.  Terry would keep track of this.

There was sentiment expressed for surplus funds to be funneled back to MGA members in golf related activities.

The following preferences were expressed for next year’s budget:

  • End of season pizza and beer – Hold for further discussion
  • 50/50 golf lessons – include
  • Monthly pitcher of beer for each foursome during summer season – include.
  • Closest To Pin payouts during summer – out.
  • Increased subsidy for Presidents Cup and Club Championship – out.
  • MGA picnic for Club Championship – out.
  • $100 each Xmas bonus for Club Pro, Assistant Pro and Golf Course Supt. – include.
  • $700 charitable contribution budget – include.
  • $600 to be dedicated to purchase golf course related materials as a donation from the MGA – include.
  • Historic District vs. Outback Tournament – include.

Jack Birecree suggested that the monthly free golf lesson be drawn from a list of all MGA members, regardless of whether they purchase a 50/50 ticket or attend the monthly meeting.  It was decided that all monthly meeting drawings (including the golf lesson) would only be available to members who purchase 50/50 tickets.

Rick Sanders recommended that our contribution to Prostate Cancer Research be increased.

The new budget will be effective for the 2016-2017 year, starting October 1, 2016.

The meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.
Dick Sorenson – Secretary

Monthly Meeting – November 8th, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 12:05 p.m. in the Herons Glen Restaurant by President Gene Dumont. The Secretary’s Report and Treasurer’s Report were each approved as posted.

  • Membership Chair Bill Bedore introduced new members of the HGMGA this season.
  • Event Chair Terry Boots gave an update on the season long Closest To The Pin contest.

Guest speaker was Assistant Golf Professional John Abbott who gave a report on efforts to increase Golf Course membership.  An Open House was held recently to get new golf members.  The efforts were successful as two additional members joined as a result of the Open House.  However, we are still a few short of members from last year.  Current level of membership is 577, as of October 31, as compared to 614 at this time last year. A promotion will be in initiated in which any current golf member who recruits a first time Golf Course member will have $500 credited to his account for use in the pro shop.  A non-golf member resident who recruits a first time golf member will receive a $200 credit to his account.  A couple is considered as one membership. See the pro shop for promotion details.

A new 2-ball tournament format will be introduced this year.  There will be a 64 team bracket, with play beginning January 20, 2017.  Sign up begins on December 1.  Cost – $10 per participant.  Format will be match play.  The first three rounds will be played on Tuesdays.

Event Chair Neal Prescott reviewed upcoming HGMGA events.

  • Next week, 11-15, will be foursomes playing a 1-2-3-waltz best ball event.  Starting with hole #1 will be a 1 net best ball hole, hole #2 a 2 net best ball hole, and hole #3 a 3 net best ball hole.  Hole #4 will start over with a 1 net bb hole, etc., through the 18 holes.
  • The Jack and Jill Tournament will be on Nov. 22 – men select a lady partner, other than their spouse.  Nov. 29 will feature a Pick Your Partner 2 best balls of 4.
  • Nov. 29 will also be a shoot-out qualifier round. Dec. 6 will be a 3 best ball of 4 format, also a shoot-out qualifier round.

The Chelsea and Golf Net software has now been paired so the scores posted compared to rounds played can be determined.

President Dumont stressed that NO GIMMIES are permitted on men’s day events where the putt is needed to determine the score on a hole.  IF IT COUNTS – PUTT IT OUT!

Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson gave the results of today’s matches. 

Member-Guest Chair Jon Edinger gave a summary of the Member Guest tournament upcoming on Feb. 7 and 8, 2017. 

President Dumont noted that all four HGMGA officer positions, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are up for election for the new year beginning October 1, 2017.  A nominating committee of Larry Orr, Chairman, Gary Pasche and Ron Hollander has been appointed to put together a slate of nominees. 

All current HGMA officers gave a brief summary of their duties and responsibilities.  President Dumont introduced other HGMGA Board members who are not officers, including Bill Bedore, Jack Birecree, Terry Boots,  Jim Kerschner, Larry Pedersen, and Neal Prescott.

President Dumont recognized the recent passing of John Carter, a former HGMGA member of many years standing.

President Dumont introduced Loraine Vienne, the new General Manager of Herons Glen, who started Nov. 1.   Ms. Vienne thanked everyone for their warm welcome and said she looked forward to working with all residents.  Residents are encouraged to stop by her office.

There was no Old or New Business and no comments from the floor.

The 50/50 raffle was conducted by Larry Cummings and Jim Foster.

Respectfully Submitted
Dick Sorenson, Secretary

Monthly Meeting – October 11th, 2016

Vice President Rick Sanders opened the meeting at 12:20 p.m. and welcomed all members to the first meeting of the new season.

The reports submitted by Secretary and Treasurer were approved as posted. Treasurer Ken Cidela reported the HGMGA is in a strong financial position.  An outside audit was conducted by Ed Hare and a favorable opinion was rendered. Treasurer Cidela  was cited for his outstanding job as Treasurer. Members are encouraged to have their current e-mail addresses on file so they can receive the HGMGA Newsletter.  Changes or updates should be reported to Ken or Jack Birecree, Newsletter editor.  Approximately 40 percent of last year’s members are paid for the new season.  Those who have not renewed should do so by leaving their check for $30, payable to HGMGA, at the pro shop.

Tournament Chairman Neal Prescott said event schedules for the season are available in the pro shop.  A new event, called Shamble, will be introduced in two weeks, where only birdies or better count toward team score. The first major tournament of the season, Jack and Jill, will be held in November.

Events co-chairs Terry Boots and Larry Pedersen reviewed the seasonal payout programs for the year.  The popular programs – closest to pin weekly and season ending, hole in one and weekly skins will be continued.  Members are urged to sign up for skins in the pro shop prior to tee off to avoid confusion.  Hole in one does not count as closest to pin.

Vice President Rick Sanders welcomed new members and asked them to say a few words about themselves.  New members present were:

  1. Bill Harville,
  2. Brian Johnson,
  3. Don Misener,
  4. Dave Pariseau,
  5. Greg Popp,
  6. Steve Trovatore. 
  7. Jim McCoy was not present.

Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson reviewed golf course events over the summer.  They included a program to encourage resident non-member ladies to play free on certain occasions, tax free pro shop purchasing, distributing cold towels on the course during summer months, and having a 9 hole par 3 evening event once a week.  All of these efforts were successful. 

Nathan reported that the golf course had a successful year with increases in merchandise sale and rounds played. We are currently ahead of budget on golf course membership. Herons Glen is getting good reviews on line which helps to stimulate outside play.  He addressed the new Golf Simulator, in response to a question from the floor.  The simulator has resulted in increased golf club and shoe sales.  Call the pro shop to schedule your time on the simulator. Pro shop winnings are not applicable for use on the simulator – good for merchandise only.

Nathan then reported the results of today’s event. 

The 50/50 drawing was conducted by Jim Foster  and  Larry Cummings.

Winners were 1st – Dave McDonald, 2nd – Walter Higgins and 3rd Dick Sorenson.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dick Sorenson, Secretary

Monthly Meeting – April 13th, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Gene Dumont at 12:29 p.m.

The Secretary’s Report and Treasurer’s Report were approved as posted.

President Dumont presented a check for $150 to Terry Boots for his hole in one on March 8, 2016.  Terry was thanked for his efforts in running the Skins and Closest-to-Pin games.  These events will be run next year by Larry Pedersen and Jack Howard.

Vice President Rick Sanders introduced today’s guest speaker – Fred Stone, Head Ranger at Herons Glen.  Fred, who has been an employee of Herons Glen for nine years,said rangers usually arrive before 6 a.m. to prepare the driving, putting and chipping ranges for the days play.  Carts are brought out and practice balls (20 – 30 bags each day) are retrieved from the lake.  The main job of a ranger is to retrieve balls and keep play running smoothly. In addition, rangers retrieve clubs left on the course, along with head covers, towels, etc., as well as fixing flats and towing disabled carts back to member’s homes.

Questions from the floor:

  1. All golfers should check in with the starter at the start of their round.
  2. Range balls travel about 75% of regulation golf balls.
  3. Rangers do not time golfers, but take notes so the course knows when a particular foursome will finish its round.
  4. Lake levels determine how many practice balls can be retrieved.  The lower the water level, the easier the retrieval.  The rangers try to get as many practice balls picked up as possible to keep the course looking good.

Tournament Chair Neal Prescott reported that all major events for this season have been completed.  A Play the Pro event is coming up soon.  A Superintendent’s Revenge event will be held on April 25, beginning with a shotgun start at 9:30 a.m. 

Activities Chair Terry Boots reported the results of the season long Closest to Pin contest. Winners:

  • Hole #4 Tom Spenceley 13.5 inches.
  • Hole #7 – Bill Groft  23.5 inches
  • Hole #11 – Wendell Gates 9 inches
  • Hole #14 – Tie between Valle Svensson  and Joe Cox  8.5 inches.

Each winner received $100, while Svensson and Cox received $50 each.

Vice President Rick Sanders reported that $4500 was raised for Arnies Army by HGMGA.  Thanks to all who participated.

Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson gave the results of today’s event.

President Dumont noted a committee has been working all year to review and amend HGMGA by laws which have not been changed since 2000.  The revised by-laws have been posted on the HGMGA web site. With there being no questions from the floor, the amended by-laws were approved unanimously by voice vote.

A discussion was held on membership preference for new programs introduced this year.  The membership wanted to continue the Closest to Pin awards of $10 each week, while retaining the $5 credit in the pro shop. The membership wanted to continue the $150 award for holes in one on Men’s Day. It was pointed out that these programs could not be continued indefinitely with the present dues structure of $25 in place.  After some discussion, the membership approved a motion to increase HGMGA dues to $30 beginning next season.  With this increase, the weekly Closest to Pin $10 payouts can be continued.  It was noted that the Member/Member tournament has been reinstated for next year. The membership wanted to keep the qualifier format for the Shootout event.

Head Pro Wilson commented that next year’s Club Championship format will be a stroke play, 2 day flighted event, with a dinner to follow that evening.  No event run by the pro shop will be match play. Handicaps will be used in all flights except the Championship Flight. The pro shop management feels a stroke play event better determines a true champion.  It is not wrong to make changes in the format.

President Dumont said help is needed for someone to assist Jack Birecree in the publication of the weekly HGMGA newsletter.  If someone with some basic computer skills wishes to assist, please contact Gene. The HOA has asked the HGMGA to urge all its members to fill out the Traffic Light Survey recently sent to all Herons Glen residents.

The membership gave a loud round of applause for the work done this year by the HGMGA board.

The 50/50 drawing was conducted by Jim Foster and Mike Rusnick.

The meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Dick Sorenson, Secretary

Monthly Meeting – March 8th, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Gene Dumont at 12:20 p.m.

The Secretary and Treasurer reports were unanimously approved as posted.

Membership Chair Bill Bedore introduced the following new member:  Dennis Viets

Activities Chair Terry Boots gave an update on the year round Closest To Pin contest year to date.  There is a new leader for hole #4 –Tom Spenceley, who staked his shot 1’1 ½” from the cup in today’s round.  This replaces the old leader mark of 2’ 11” which had stood since October 13, 2015.

President Dumont congratulated Terry on his hole-in-one today, worth $150. 

Gene called attention to the Pretty in Pink breast cancer fund raiser beginning March 14, 2016 with a kick off cocktail party in the restaurant.  Many items will be put up for silent auction, all of which were displayed in the dining room during the meeting.  Billy Fucillo of Fucillo Kia has indicated he will try to attend the kick off cocktail party.

Vice President Rick Sanders introduced Assistant Golf Professional John Abbott who discussed the highlights of the workings of the Chelsea system.  

  • Eligibility for 4 tee play is the sum of your age and handicap must equal at least 95.  This is strictly enforced for tournament events, although any golfer may play from the 4 tees for non-tournament events.
  • John talked about how play points are assessed.  Individual play points may be reduced for each hour difference between requested tee time and actual tee time on a given day.
  • “Bumping” of groups is determined by average play history of the players in a group.  68 tee times are available each day.
  • Guests are awarded the same play history as their sponsoring member to determine “bumping”. The maximum limit for guests in a season is 14, although this has never been enforced.  
  • There are “set-asides” for outside play each day.

Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson announced today’s semifinal winners who advanced to the finals in the Club Championship.  The first round starts March 9 at 7:45 a.m.  The second round concludes on Saturday, March 13, followed by a buffet luncheon in the restaurant beginning after the finals are completed.  Approximately 20 volunteers are needed to assist in scoring during the club championship.  Sign up for this in the pro shop. 

The 2-ball championship starts at 7”30 a.m. on Saturday, March 13.

Bill Paris reported that the Couples Tournament will start March 22.  Please sign up in the pro shop if you wish to play.  

Vice President Rick Sanders noted that the Arnie’s Army Prostate Cancer fund raiser kicks off Tuesday, March 15.  He discussed the expanded prize list for the event.  A $25 donation is requested to participate. A free one year subscription to Golf Digest magazine is included in the donation.

Tournament Chair Neal Prescott announced that a “Play with the Pros” event will be held on April 5.  It will be an individual Stableford contest.  Each pro will play 3 holes with 3 or 4 different foursomes. 

The recent Shootout qualifier was discussed.  By show of hands, the members expressed their preference for a qualifier as opposed to unlimited signup.

President Dumont noted that the proposed revision of the HGMGA bylaws have been posted on the website.  The revision will be put to a vote of the membership at next month’s meeting.  All members were urged to read the new revisions.

President Dumont announced the winners of today’s event.

Joe Koenig announced that the first Nine and Dine event of the season will be held on March 19, with a 5:15 p.m. shotgun start.  Any resident of Herons Glen is eligible to play. Golf will be followed by pizza.  Cost is $10 per person, including tax and gratuity.  8 openings still exist.  Sign up in the pro shop.

Larry Cummings conducted the 50/50 raffle – three winners plus one hour on the golf simulator.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted
Dick Sorenson – Secretary

Monthly Meeting – January 12th, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 12:40 p.m. by Vice President Rick Sanders, in the absence of President Gene Dumont.

The Secretary and Treasurer reports were unanimously approved as posted.

Membership Chair Bill Bedore introduced the following new members:

  1. Bob McGregor
  2. Mark McLean

Activities Chair Terry Boots reported on the status of Closest To Pin for the year to date.  Leaders are:

  • #4 – Art Fredenburg, 2 ft. 11 in.
  • #7 – Bill Groft, 1 ft, 11 ½ in.
  • #11 – Wendell Gates, 9 in.
  • #14 – Valle Svensson, 8 ½ in.

Tournament Chair Neal Prescott gave a report on the revised USGA rules concerning handicaps.  USGA requires adjustments in handicap to be made when players in the same group or event play from different tees.  This applies to all Herons Glen events.  For some time, our pro shop has been adjusting handicaps for 3 tee players by adding three strokes to the 3 tee handicap.  (Appropriate adjustments have also been made to 1 and 2 tee players as necessary.) This makes for an equitable handicap difference since 3 tee and 4 tee players are, in effect, playing different courses, based on USGA index.  Neal recommended that all golf groups at Herons Glen (Sandhill Cranes, Animals, etc.) do the same.  An explanatory sheet prepared by the USGA, entitled Competing From Different Tees, was passed out to all attendees.

Neal stated that the Presidents Cup is coming up the next two weeks and also the Shootout Qualifier.  The Member/Guest tournament is sold out with a waiting list.

A handicap committee is in place.  MGA members are Neal Prescott, Terry Boots and Tom Snyder.  In addition, three LGA  representatives are members, along with Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson.

Rick noted that two additional events are scheduled for later this year.  One is a fund raiser for Prostate Cancer research and the other is the ladies “Pretty in Pink” event, formerly known as Rally for a Cure.  Volunteers are needed for the Pretty in Pink event and sign up sheets are available in the pro shop for those wanting to help.

There was no Old or New Business brought up.

Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson announced the results of today’s event. The 50/50 drawing was conducted by Larry Cummings which included one free hour on the new golf simulator in the pro shop

The meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dick Sorenson, Secretary

Monthly Meeting – December 8th, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Gene Dumont at 12:30 p.m.

President Dumont announced that the MGA board agreed to conduct a collection,  the proceeds of which will go to the Joe Reda scholarship fund.  The MGA will match each dollar contributed, up to a maximum $250, for the scholarship.  An envelope for collecting MGA member contributions will be available in the pro shop for the following week. 

It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the Secretary and Treasurer reports as previously posted.  President Dumont thanked the incumbents, Secretary Dick Sorenson and Treasurer Ken Cidela for their efforts.

Membership Chairman Bill Bedore announced new members of the MGA:

  • Robert Perry
  • Peter Nahass
  • Ken Wolf
  • Richard Weinberger
  • James Musial
  • William Harville.

Terry Boots passed out awards for last week’s Closest To Pin awards.  Terry also gave an update on year to date leaders in the Closest To Pin competition:

  • Hole #4 – Art Fredenburg
  • Hole #7 – Bill Groft
  • Hole #11 Wendell Gates
  • Hole #14 Tom Dalton.

Vice President Rick Sanders introduced today’s guest speaker, Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson.  Rick gave a brief summary of Nathan’s background and career prior to joining Herons Glen as Head Professional.

Nathan initially announced the results of today’s 3 net BB matches and Closest To Pin. He then reviewed a rules quiz which had been passed out to all the tables and gave the correct answers to each scenario.  Questions were taken from the floor.

Nathan emphasized that the door to his office, and that of Assistant Golf Professional John Abbott, is always open if any member has questions about local ground rules.

Tournament Chairman Neal Prescott announced that the next event is the Presidents Cup, scheduled for January 19 and 26, 2016.  He introduced Jon Edinger, Chairman of the upcoming Member Guest tournament.  Jon noted the Member Guest is scheduled for February 2 and 3, 2016.  The sign up sheet has been out since December 1 and more than 50 couples have already signed up.  There are only about 20 spots left until the tournament is full.  Jon urged anyone who wants to play and has not signed up yet, to do so quickly to avoid being disappointed.  Thanks were expressed to the MGA and LGA for their contributions for this event.  Also, the HGRD has cooperated by giving us a break on green fees.  The cost of this year’s event is $195 per couple.

Jon mentioned that Joe Reda has used Hole #7 during the Member Guest tournament as his prize hole for free haircuts.  In honor of Joe, and in recognition of his illness, #7 will be designated the Joe Reda honorary hole for the tournament.  Voluntary donations by Member Guest participants will go towards Joe’s scholarship fund. 

President Dumont announced that a Committee to review and update the MGA by-laws has been formed and will have its first meeting tomorrow. Larry Cummings conducted the 50/50 raffle.  A special drawing for a free one hour session on the new golf simulator recently installed in the pro shop was won by Ron Hollander and three of his guests.

The meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dick Sorenson, Secretary

Monthly Meeting – November 10th, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Gene Dumont at 12:45 p.m.
It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the Secretary and Treasurer reports as previously posted.

President Dumont asked for all MGA members who were veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces to stand and be recognized.

New member introduction was made by Chairman Bill Bedore. 
New members/renewals to date are: Jim Bobe, Don Brendsel, Dennis DeLuca, Tom Dugger, Brendan Kelly, James Overholser, Robert Perry, Dennis Popp, James Richards, Matt Schmelter, Tom Spenceley,  James Troicke.

Treasurer Ken Cidela gave a membership update.  MGA has experienced a surge in new members and renewals.  Current trends indicate a 15% increase in membership by year end to approximately 250.

Vice President Rick Sanders introduced our guest speaker – Golf Course Superintendent T. J. Shine.

T. J. said the recent record hot weather has made it difficult to keep up with course mowing requirements. Staffing continues to be a challenge – his department has been short of employees since last February.  Current shortage is two employees. Total employment of his department is authorized at 16.  Efforts are continuing to eliminate this shortfall.

Despite the recent heavy rains, the area is about 3 inches below annual average rainfall.  52 inches of rain annually is normal for this area.  60% of the total rainfall year to date has occurred within the last few months.

Work continues on spreading pine straw and replacing sand in the bunkers.  Annual flowers have been planted.  New flagsticks, cups and cup liners have been installed on the course.  Detail work on the cart paths continues as time becomes available.

T. J. said he encourages questions and constructive criticism.  Don’t hesitate to e-mail him with ideas.

Questions from the floor:

Q: Why are cart signs placed so far away from the greens?
A: Certain holes do not drain well in front of the greens.  This problem should correct itself as the course dries out and the signs will be moved closer to the greens as conditions permit.

Q: The dropping of flag sticks damages the greens.
A: This is a question of discipline by the golfers. 

Q: Why are some of the holes so wet immediately in front of the greens.  Is this a problem of over watering?
A: Some greens get too much water in front of the greens.  These will be identified and adjustments made.

Q: Can some of the bunkers be changed – primarily the one in front of hole #3.
A: A renovation plan will be submitted soon to golf course management.  An open forum meeting will be scheduled for all members to get information and feedback on recommendations.

Q: There are too many ball marks on the greens.
A: This is up to the members to repair their ball marks.

Tournament chairman Neal Prescott reviewed upcoming events.  The 2-ball tournament started today.  Only 3 total matches are required.

The next tournament coming up is the Jack and Jill scheduled for November 24.  Cost – $50 per couple.  Any male 18 hole league member may ask any female golf course member to play as his guest.  Cannot be wife or significant other.

Golf Professional Nathan Wilson announced results of today’s non-2 ball event.  There were two flights in an Individual low net contest.  Closest to the pin were announced. 

Walt Checko gave a report on the activities of the Herons Glen Air Quality committee. This committee was formed by the HOA to address the hydrogen sulfide gas odor coming from a privately owned construction debris land fill located on U.S. 41 next to the Zemel land fill immediately north of Herons Glen.  The gas comes from decomposing drywall. The committee has met with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).  FDEP has determined that the facility in question is not in compliance with state requirements.  They were put on notice on October 8, 2015.  The owner is required to respond with a plan to eliminate the odor.  FDEP representatives visit the site weekly.  A link is available to their website to register complaints. Thanks to all who have filed complaints about this problem.  This is not an easy process and it will take time to get resolved.  The fill operator must fix the problem or face penalties.  Outside negative publicity does not help.  Herons Glen HOA is on top of this problem.  If it is decided to go to litigation against the operator, a 51% vote of approval is required by Herons Glen residents.

Activities chair Terry Boots passed out closest to the pin awards to the following:  Paul Koenig, Bill Abbott, Joe Hoath, and Wendell Gates.  Tom Dalton was not present to receive his award.  A special award of $150 was given to Ron Lange for his hole in one last week on hole #4.  This is the first award of this type under the new MGA policy effective this year.

Regarding the season long closest to pin awards, leaders so far this year are Art Fredenburg, Joe Hoath, Wendell Gates and Tom Dalton.

President Dumont announced that the MGA bylaws were last updated in 2000.  An ad hoc committee will be formed to review the by-laws and recommend updates.  Volunteers to serve on the committee are urged to apply to Gene.  Results will be presented in the MGA annual meeting in April, 2016.

Larry Cummings ran the 50/50 drawing.  Winners were – Tom Donohue – $90,  Bob Carver – $32 and Steve Anderson – $15.  Free haircuts from Joe the Barber were given to Gary Pasche and Frank DeSmet.

The meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Dick Sorenson, Secretary

Monthly Meeting – October 13th, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 12:20 p.m. by HGMGA President Gene Dumont.  Gene welcomed all to the first meeting of the 2015-2016 golf year.  He also announced that, because the restaurant was not open until November on Tuesdays, the HGMGA will provide complementary pizza and beer for lunch today.

The Secretary’s report and Treasurer’s report are posted on the bulletin board for our last meeting in April, 2015.  It was moved, seconded and passed to accept the reports as written.

Treasurer Ken Cidela reported that, to date, we have three member renewals and seven new members.  New members present introduced themselves and were welcomed to HGMGA. New members are: John Philpot, Dennis Popp, Terry Pye, John Kevin Shea, Matt Schmelter, Tom Spenceley, and James Troicke.

Vice President Rick Sanders introduced our guests – HGRD General Manager Josh Hall and new Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson. Nathan clarified that a second shot on #7 (after a tee shot that rolled past the cart path, ending up short of the hazard) that goes into the water must  be played from the point the ball entered the hazard (one stroke penalty) and the hole completed.  He also clarified that relief is available (one club length) from any bulkhead on the course.

President Dumont introduced this year’s officers and committee members for the upcoming season.  Besides himself, they are:

  • Rick Sanders – Vice President,
  • Ken Cidela – Treasurer,
  • Dick Sorenson – Secretary,
  • Neal Prescott – Tournament and Handicap chair,
  • Jim Kerschner – Rules chair,
  • Larry Pedersen – Ways and Means chair,
  • Jack Birecree – Communications chair,
  • Terry Boots – Activities chair,
  • Bill Bedore – Membership chair.

Tournament/handicap chair Neal Prescott reviewed upcoming events for the season.  The first major event is the Jack and Jill Tournament on November 24.  Neal urged members to record all postable scores so accurate handicaps can be maintained.  The handicap committee will meet in November. Pick your Partner events can now be entered on Chelsea.

Activities chair Terry Boots reviewed new games for the year.  He passed out $10 awards for closest to the pin for October 6 to Jim Stone, Ray Davis, Neal Prescott and Dave McDonald.

Communications chair Jack Birecree said results of Tuesday events will be posted on the HGMGA website that afternoon.  The Newsletter will be sent out on Wednesdays.   Members were urged to submit pictures to Jack for inclusion in the Newsletter.

Larry Cummings conducted the 50/50 raffle.  Winners were Pres Brown – $79, Gene Dumont – $36 and Alan Wale – $15. 
Two free haircuts, to Dick Howlett and Graham Mead, were awarded, complements of Joe the Barber.

Head Golf Professional Nathan Wilson announced todays contest winners..

The meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dick Sorenson, Secretary


Monthly Meeting – April 14, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 12:20 p.m. in the Herons Glen restaurant by President Larry Pedersen. 

Copies of a yearend survey were distributed to all attendees.  Members were asked to complete the survey and leave it on the table after the meeting.

Treasurer and Secretary Report – These reports of last month’s meeting are posted on the bulletin board and the HGMGA web site.  A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to accept the reports as written. Treasurer Ken Cidela reported a balance of $4400 will be carried over into the next year.

Neal Prescott, Program Director and Handicap Chairperson, reported on planning for next year 2015/2016.  Discussions have been held with Golf Professional Troy Speckman and representatives of the ladies 18 and 9 hole leagues concerning next year’s tournaments.  The major tournaments have been scheduled:

  • Jack and Jill – Joe Koenig will co/chair this tournament.
  • Member/Guest – Jon Edinger will be Chairperson and he has already selected his committee.
  • Couples Tournament – Bill and Jan Paris will co/chair this event.

Handicap Committee – Attempts are being made to merge the Chelsea play list wih Golf Net so a more accurate play history can be achieved.

Arnies Army – Chairperson Rick Sanders reported the event was very successful.  $2010 was raised for Prostate Cancer research.  Rick thanked those participants for their support.

Assistant Golf Professional John Abbott gave the results of today’s men’s day event.  Results are on the website [Click Here]

Bill Bedore, Nominating Committee chairperson, thanked the members of his committee for their work in putting together a slate of officers for HGMGA for the next term.  The following were nominated and unanimously elected: 

  • Gene Dumont, President
  • Rick Sanders, Vice President
  • Dick Sorenson, Secretary.

President Pedersen turned the meeting over to President Elect Gene Dumont.  Gene thanked Larry for an outstanding job as HGMGA president during the last two years and presented him with a gift certificate from the HGMGA.  Larry expressed his appreciation and gratitude to his team during the past term:

  • Gene Dumont, Vice President
  • Ken Cidela, Treasurer
  • Larry Orr, Secretary
  • Neal Prescott, Program Director
  • Jack Birecree, Bulletin Manager
  • Terry Boots, Skins Coordinator
  • Larry Cummings/Jim Foster, 50/50 coordinators

Also thanked was Joe Reda (Joe the Barber) for his monthly contribution of free haircuts.  

There were no new members for introduction.

Larry Cummings conducted the 50/50 raffle.  Winners were Marc Cook – $96, Steve Boulton – $48 and Joe Hoath – $40.

Free haircuts went to Tom Davies and another member (name unknown).

Gene Dumont announced that a get well card from HGMGA will be sent to Joe Reda.    Gene also congratulated Lester Blood for his part as a member of the Herons Glen tennis team that won the state championship and move on to national play.  Gene announced that the next HGMGA meeting will be the second Tuesday of October, 2015.  The event schedule will be posted in the news letter.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Dick Sorenson – Acting Secretary

​Monthly Meeting – March 10, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 12:35 by President Pedersen

The secretary’s report and the treasurer’s report posted on the bulletin board and the website were approved as posted.

Bill Bedore – The nominating committee is recommending the following slate of officers: President – Gene Dumont, Vice President – Rick Saunders, Secretary – Dick Sorenson.  Elections will take place next month.  There were no new members this month. 

Neal Prescott – Today was the semi-finals of the club championship.  The final matches will start tomorrow.  Each flight finalists will play 36 holes with the final 18 to be played on Saturday.   Lunch will follow the tournament on Saturday at the Gazebo.  The ladies 2 ball tournament finals will also be held on Saturday.  The next tournament will be the couples championship on March 24th and March 25th.    A luncheon will follow the event on the 25th.  The shootout finals will be held on March 31st.

Gene Dumont – Scorers are needed for the Club Championship this Saturday and for the Shootout on March 31st.  If interested please contact the pro shop.   

Fred Stone, HG Course Starter, was the speaker of the day.  Fred discussed the daily role and responsibilities of the starter and the rangers.  Questions that were raised by the members focused on pace of play.  The rangers monitor the pace of play and will issue a warning to a group if the pace of play is slow.  Should play not pick up, by policy, the ranger notifies the pro shop and Troy or John will address the group. 

Rick Saunders reminded everyone that the Arnie’s Army event will take place next Tuesday during men’s day.  All members are encouraged to take a chance on a hole in one or closest to the pin contest with the proceeds to go to Arnie’s Army.  He reminded everyone that the kickoff cocktail party for the “Pretty in Pink” event will take place on Monday from 4-6.  A $10 donation will buy two drinks and hors d’oeuvres.  

Game Results were announced by Troy Speckman and John Abbott and have been posted in the HGMGA Newsletter. 

Old/New Business – Next month will be the elections for the 2015-2016 HGMGA officers.  Members will also be asked to evaluate our events that were held this year and to make suggestions for next year’s events. 

Comments from Members: Joe Koenig announced that there will be a nine hole 6 person (3 couples) tournament on April 4th . The tee time will be 5:15 and sign up is in the pro shop. 

50/50 winners: Jack Clark $65.00, $26.00 Howard Young, $15.00 Roy Brandt

Free Haircuts: David Jones, Don Wattie

Monthly Meeting – February 10, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 12:32 by President Pedersen

The secretary’s report and the treasurer’s report posted on the bulletin board and the website were approved as posted.

Bill Bedore – introduced one new member, Bob Foster from Michigan.

Bill Bedore introduced the nominating committee; Tom Snyder, Paul Koenig, Lester Blood and appealed to the group for volunteers for office next year. 

Neal Prescott – The Member/Member was a very successful event with a full field of 144 golfers.  John and Linda Edinger will be chairing the event next year. 

The Club Championship is the next event and will start on February 24th.  Golfers should sign up by tee.  The championship flight will play from the #1 tees this year.  There will be 1 flight from the 2 tees and there will also be 3 and 4 tee flights. 

2 ball preliminary rounds have finished.  The next round has begun.  Teams should begin scheduling their matches.  The brackets will be posted in the newsletter.

Game Results were announced by Troy Speckman and John Abbott and have been posted in the HGMGA Newsletter. 

Gene Dumont introduced our guest speakers for the day; Sharon Pederson, Dianna Dumont, and Rick Sanders:

Sharon and Diana explained that instead of a “Rally for the Cure” event this year the HGLGA is sponsoring the “Pretty in Pink” tournament.  All monies from the fundraising project with be donated to “Partners for Breast Cancer.”  Donated monies are used for cancer screening for men and women.  All monies raised in our event will be used in Lee County.  The tournament will be held on March 18th with a kickoff cocktail party planned for Monday March 16th.  Fundraising baskets are already being donated for the “Pink” event and additional baskets are always welcome. 

Arnie’s Army will work in conjunction with the “Pink Tournament” and will be held on Tuesday March 17th.  There will be a hole in one contest on hole 14 with the grand prize being 6 days at the Bay Hill resort with golf included.  Additional prizes will be awarded for shots within 7 feet of the pin.  The cost to participate will be $25.00.

50/50 winners: 1st Terry Boots, 2nd Wendell Gates, 3rd Tom Donahue

Free Haircuts: Tom Dalton and Wendell Gates

Monthly Meeting – January 13, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 12:40 by President Pedersen

The secretary’s report and the treasurer’s report posted on the bulletin board and the website were approved as posted.

Bill Bedore – introduced the new members: Butch Richmond and Charles Garnet

Neal Prescott – Reviewed upcoming Events & Handicap committee report.  The President’s cup  is individual low net.  Two tee players are encouraged to sign up, 7 people are required to offer the 2 tee flight.  There are future events for 2 tee players, please watch the newsletter.  The February 2nd event, 3,2,1 is a four man event.  The first day of the Member/Guest is played at 12:45 and is a 1 best ball event.  This can be played with the couple that you signed up with.  The second day is played at 7:45 and is a Pinehurst-alternate shot event. Couples that played together aren’t necessarily paired together.   

Game Results were announced by Troy Speckman and John Abbott and have been posted in the HGMGA Newsletter. 

Joyce Gillespie (our original speaker) gives her apologies for cancelling being part of our meeting due to a busy schedule

JOE the BARBER” was recognized for all the years he has supported the HGMGA activities both with the free haircuts each month as well as support of many of the HGMGA events. His lunch today was provided by the HGMGA.  Joe said that he has given 81 free haircuts to the hole in one golfers.  Joe passed out the winners of this week’s free haircuts from the raffle. 

Larry Cummings ran the 50/50 raffle, Ron Hollander and Bob Carver were today’s winners. 

Bill Bedore is our nominating committee chairperson.  Bill is looking for 2-3 members to volunteer to serve on this committee.  In essence we need nominees for the positions of President, Vice President and Secretary.  The task of the nominating committee is to present a roster of candidates.

Monthly Meeting – December 9, 2014

The Meeting was called to order by President Pedersen @ 12:45 PM

Secretary’s Report – Larry Orr

Treasurer’s Report – Ken Cidela

​The Secretary and Treasurer Reports were posted. Both reports were moved, seconded and accepted as posted.

New Members: Bill Bedore introduced three new members:

  1. Tom Tomaino
  2. Bill Sneider
  3. Ed Schroeder

Review of upcoming Events and Handicap Committee Report:

Neal Prescott reviewed some of the upcoming HGMGA events on our calendar. Neal noted that on our monthly meeting dates, most events are Pick Your Partner events, which promotes attendance at our meetings.  He reminded everyone to review the calendar of events. The next major event is the two day President’s Cup in January, and he a reviewed the upcoming Shootout format and qualifying rounds.

Guest Speaker:  

Gene Dumont introduced Josh Hall, HGRD General Manager as the Guest Speaker. Josh presented an interesting review of how Herons Glen compares to other clubs in southwest Florida. Josh also indicated that the cabinet and countertop water station at the driving range will be replaced by a granite self supporting countertop in the near future.

Game Results:

Herons Glen Head Golf Professional, Troy Speckman reviewed the results from today’s four-man team, 3 best–ball game.

50/50 and Haircut Raffles

  • 1st Ron Klewin $75,  2nd John Freestone $35, 3rd ??
  • Haircuts:    John Freestone and ??

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm

Respectively Submitted

Gene Dumont – Vice President, HGMGA (filling in for Larry Orr, Secretary)

Monthly Meeting – November 11, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Pedersen @ 12:28

A special Veteran’s Day recognition was extended to all veteran’s by having them stand to be recognized.  

The Secretary’s and Treasurer’s report of October 2014 is posted on the bulletin board and the MGA web site. The minutes were seconded and approved.  

Bill Bedore introduced new members: Bill Groft, Bill Hebert, Chaz Springstead, George Kapitor, Tom Pocrnich, and  Craig Boyko

Neal Prescott gave an update from the handicap committee. The committee is reviewing the number of tournament postable scores and will be making reductions.  A new list will be posted when complete.

Upcoming Events: Jack and Jill November 25th.

Gene Dumont reported that as a result of the excellent turnout for the 2 man best ball tournament payouts will now be for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, place winners in each flight.  There will also be payouts for the 1st, 2nd, and two teams will tie for 3rd.place in the overall tournament.

Game results – 2 man best ball standings are posted in the pro shop.

New/Old Business:  Jerry Murray has headed the Arnie’s Army effort for many years and is now leaving Herons Glen.  A replacement is being sought for Jerry at this time.  Jerry outlined to the group the responsibilities of the chairperson.  This is a most worthwhile effort and the hope is that someone will come forward to continue this at Herons Glen.  If interested please contact a board member.  A $50 gift card was presented to Jerry in recognition of his many years of service for Arnie’s Army.

Gene Dumont introduced the speaker of the day, T.J. Shine.  T.J. reviewed the summer efforts, particularly the completion of the new irrigation control system.  Eighteen to twenty new sprinkler heads were added to the course and with the new system it is now possible to control every sprinkler head on the course individually, thus saving a great deal of water and establishing more consistent course conditions.  With T.J’s efforts our water consumption should be reduced from 77 million gallons in 2010 to 40 million gallons in 2014.  Cost savings could amount to $10,000.  Everyone agreed that T J and crew are doing an outstanding job!

The HGRD is looking for a representative from the HGMGA to serve on the “Champions Hall” subcommittee.  If interested please see a HGMGA board member.  

Your officers and leadership would like 3 volunteers to work with Ken Cidela to review our budget process including fiscal year-end target range.  If interested please contact Ken directly.

50/50 winners:

  1. Jerry Murray $55
  2. Phil Satysphur $30
  3. Ray Davis $15
  4. Free Haircut: Pres Brown and Bill Tolstyka.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:06.

Monthly Meeting – October 14, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Pedersen @ 12:12

The Treasurer's report and Secretary”s report of April 2014 are posted on the bulletin board and the MGA web site. The minutes were seconded and approved.

Ken Cidela introduced new members: Marc Cook, Tom Delaclie, and returning member Augie Spagnola.

Neal Prescott gave an update from the handicap committee. New handicaps have been determined and the new score cards will reflect the changes. There will be a difference with the #3 tees and #4 tees on a few holes. When this occurs, on hole 5 for instance, a 2/6 will be indicated in the handicap box. This would mean that on that hole the #3 tee handicap will be 2 and the #4 tee handicap will be 6. To offset this, on #9 hole will be a 6/2 handicap, 6 for the #3 tees and 2 for the #4 tees. The new cards will be out on Monday 10/20.

Neal also provided an information sheet, “Competing From Different Tees,” to all members. This explains how handicaps and strokes are determined when two golfers play a match from two different tees.

The schedule of all MGA events for 2014-2015 was given to all attendees.

New/Old Business: Jack Birecree will again do the MGA newsletter. Jack is looking for input for the weekly newsletter, particularly pictures. Bring your smart phones with you each week so that you might capture “unusual/humorous” play during your round.

Troy introduced the new assistant pro for the coming year, John Abbott.

Event winners for today's event will be posted in the MGA newsletter.

Larry Cummings headed the 50/50 raffle and free haircut raffle.

  • 50/50 winners: 1st Walt Checko, 2nd 3rd Bill Tosteyka
  • Free Haircut: Dick Howlett,

Monthly Meeting – April 8, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Pedersen @ 12:08 p.m.

The Treasurer’s and Secretary’s Reports of March ’14 are posted on the bulletin board and the MGA web site were seconded and approved.

There were no new members this month.

Neal Prescott reported that the 2015 schedule will be posted in the newsletter.  The handicap committee continues to make progress. 

Old business: Ken Cidella was reelected as treasurer for a two year term beginning May 1, 2014-April 30, 2016.  As stated in the HGMGA Association, treasurers serve a two year term beginning on the even numbered years. 

New business: Special recognition was extended to retiring Pat Royer.  The HGMGA presented him with a gift. 

Jack Cotter invited members to join the New England tournament this summer.  If you are interested, please contact him.

Troy Speckman reviewed today’s game and winners.  They are posted on the website

50/50 raffle:

  1. 1st Graham Mead           
  2. 2nd Graham Mead       
  3. 3rd Doug Bass

Free Haircuts:

  1. Paul Koenig    
  2. Chris Tupper  
  3. Rick Sanders

Monthly Meeting – March 11, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Pedersen @ 12:45 PM.

The Treasurer’s and Secretary’s reports of February 2014 that are posted on the bulletin board and the MGA web site were seconded and approved.

Bill Bedore introduced one new member : Doug Raker.

The fundraiser for Arnie's Army was held today.  Jerry Murray announced the winners of the event, closest to the pin on hole 14;  Pres Brown and Alan Wale, each received  a $100 gift card from Callaway and Bill Harris – a haircut from Joe “The Barber.”  Arnie’s Army raised $2235 this year. 

Neal Prescott noted that Terry Boots is replacing Matt Wagner on the handicap committee.  Presently the committee is looking at the play vs  posting history and reminded players to enter all scores.  Neal also reported that the next tournament will be the Shootout on March 25th.  The tournament committee is working on next year’s schedule.  The two ball event was well received this year and will continue next year.  The time will be extended for the first round of play.  Next year there will be 3 points per match, 1 point for each 9 and  1 point for the overall.  Matches will be played using 90% of the handicap. 

Professional Troy Speckman read off the winners of the Club Championship: [Click Here]

Next year it is planned for the Championship flight to play from the #1 tees and the A flight from the #2 tees. 

Today's event was a 321 best ball event, 3 balls on the par 5s, 2 balls on the par 4s, and 1 ball on the par 3s.  Winners were announced by Troy Speckman:[Click Here]

Assistant Professional Trent Flory will be leaving on March 22nd to take a position in the Chicago area.  President Pedersen congratulated him on his new position and thanked him for his service to the HGMGA as well as to all of the golfers in Herons Glen. 

Bill Paris was winner of the 50/50 raffle this week. 

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned 1:12 PM


Monthly Meeting – February 11, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Dumont @ 12:34 PM

The Treasurer’s and Secretary’s Reports of January ’14 that are posted on the bulletin board and the MGA web site were seconded and approved.

New Members: Bill Bedore introduced the following new members: Peter Polvinen, Ray Pratt, Larry Corby, Ken Johnsen, Glenn Lusk, Glenn Roy, Robert Jon VanTongerloo, Charles Miller, Len Biernat, Parmelee Jones, John Hopkins, Tom Lambeseder and Paul Robito.

Jerry Murray noted that Arnie’s Army fund raiser for prostate cancer will be held on March 11, 2014.

Neal Prescott noted that the Club Championship is scheduled to start next week and that knock out rounds will be scheduled later. Also match play rounds can be post able rounds and that Troy will have sheets on how to handle this.

Guest speaker Kim Jansen of Apex Physical Therapy was introduced by Vice President Gene Dumont. Kim spoke on how PT can improve the golf swing on amateur golfers specifically improving flexibility; strength in grip, hips and torso; and balance. She also noted that Apex is now at Herons Glen 5 days a week and they’d be happy to schedule a free screening.

Professional Troy Speckman read off the winners of the various President Cup flights.

President Pedersen read the letter of resignation from Secretary Jack Sushko. The resignation was moved, seconded and approved and interim Secretary Larry Orr was introduced.

Vice President Dumont noted that the Club Championship will be concluding on March 8th and that a picnic that is open to all would follow immediately. Additionally volunteers were needed to help cook and prepare for the picnic.

President Pedersen pointed out the policy regarding Inclement Weather Policy which is printed on the back of the agenda that all attendees were given.

 50/50 and haircut raffle was conducted by Larry Cummings and winners were:

  • 50/50 1st Jack Howard, 2nd Jan Larsen & 3rd John Schwemlein
  • Free haircuts offered by Joe “the Barber” were won by Phil Stayshur & Jerry Murray

Next meeting is scheduled for March 11, 2014.


HGMGA Inclement Weather Policy

Safety is a priority at Herons Glen.  Accordingly, in the case of the inclement weather the following policy applies to all golfers:  Herons Glen has a lightening warning system in operation.  If the alarm sounds, all players are to mark their ball and seek shelter immediately.  Rangers will assist in communicating the lightening warning.  Decisions on continuing, delaying, postponing or rescheduling the round will be made by the Golf Professional and when appropriate, the Golf Course Superintendent.  If there is a question of play continuance, golfers should congregate in the scoring area or call the pro shop to receive necessary information about the event/tournament.  Every attempt will be made to complete the event/tournament.  

Monthly Meeting – January 14, 2013

The meeting was called to order by President Pedersen @ 12:12 PM

The Treasurer’s and Secretary’s reports of December ’13 that are posted on the bulletin board and the MGA web site were seconded and approved. The treasurer noted that we have more money than last month and currently have 230 MGA members.

Tom Snyder for Neal Prescott noted that the handicap committee was collecting score cards and in approximately 1 to 2 months data collection will be complete.

President Larry Pedersen noted that:

  • The issue of having rakes in the bunkers was no longer being pursued due to lack on interest
  • Changing the current HGMGA eligibility for 4 tee play of 100 to 95 (combination of age and handicap), which is recommended by the HGMGA executive board in order to enhance enjoinment of the game and speed up play. The proposal was seconded and passed. It was noted that the movement to the 4 tees could not take effect until after the Pro Shop can adjust the software and no change can be made while playing the Member/Member or the 2 person match play tournaments were completed. Once a request to move to the 4 tees is made to the Pro Shop, 4 tee play will be in effect for all MGA events
  • Walter Higgins had a Hole In One on hole #4.

Professional Troy Speckman noted that there are local rules which take precedence during play and copies are available in the Pro Shop. Troy further noted that per PGA guidelines a bunker is defined as a surface that is “prepared” whether or not you drive through it:

  • On Hole #12 the area on the right side of the green is now considered a bunker and no longer a waste area
  • The area all along the right side of Hole #16 fairway is a waste area
  • Stroke vs. Match Play, in Stroke Play you are playing against the golf course while in Match Play you are playing against your opponent
  • On Hole #17, the lateral water hazard on the right of fairway is going to be relocated to the right edge of the cart path so that any balls crossing the hazard will be dropped on the left side of the cart path after the red line is relocated.
  • Assistant Pro Trent Flory handed out a diagram, copy attached, which explains the options available to a ball entering a water hazard.

Questions from the floor were:

  • Out of Bounds, you must return to the location the shot was hit from and rehit with a 1 stroke penalty
  • Ball lying on the cart path you can play it as it lies or drop the ball in the nearest point of relief with no penalty
  • Substitutions:

























    • No substitutions may be made for the Member/Member
    • Substitutions may be made for the 2 Person Match Play
    • All other tournaments will be considered on a case by case basis

The Presidents Cup is scheduled for 1/28 & 2/11 with sign up in the Pro Shop

President noted that the positions of Treasurer and Secretary up for election for the 2014/2015 season.

50/50 and haircut raffle was conducted by Larry Cummings and winners were:

  • 50/50 1st Roy Brandt, 2nd Dan Storie & 3rd Tom Snyder
  • Free haircuts offered by Joe “the Barber” were won by Jim Rystedt & Dick Walsh

Monthly Meeting – December 12, 2013

The meeting was called to order by President Pedersen @ 12:09 PM

The Treasurer’s and Secretary’s reports of November ’13 that are posted on the bulletin board and the MGA web site were seconded and approved. The treasurer noted that we have more money than last month and currently have 215 MGA members, about 15 more than last year.

New Members: Bill Bedore introduced new members Larry Frost, Wendell Gates, Mike Keackritz and Bob Snead.

Tournaments: Neal Prescott noted that there is a virtual full schedule of upcoming events so any 2 ball play probably should not be scheduled on Tuesdays. The Golf Course Handi-capping Committee is working to ensure the course is rated correctly and per USGA guidelines, players are requested to “play by the rules”, post all scores and try to play as well as you can on every shot.

Guest Speaker: Vice President Gene Dumont introduced the guest speaker T.J. Shine, the golf course superintendent, with his impressive background. T. J. noted:

  • His department is trying to make things better for the golfers.
  • The USGA turf advisor was here last week and noted in the attached report that the over aeration this past summer and usage of reduced nitrogen fertilizer has paid off with extending the greens life span possible into 2020  or beyond. Higher mower heights, with increased putting speed, and continual sand topdressing will help achive the goal of reduced organic matter build up on the greens. A presentation will be made to the Board of Supervisors next Monday to improve the irrigation system and prevent over watering in certain areas.
  • Other course improvements are cutting back the trees on the #5 tee box and the annual flowers have been planted around the course.

Election: President Pedersen asked for any additional nominations to fill the Treasurers position temporarily filled by Ken Cidela. No other nominations being put forward, Ken was nominated to fill the position, seconded and voted in.

Pro: Professional Troy Speckman note that the format for today’s game, alternate shot, was a poor choice and would not be used for a meeting day again.

Website: Jack Birecree noted that the MGA Website now has a new member application on it as well as local rules are now posted.

New Business: President Pedersen reminded all that feed back was requested on the passed out MGA agenda addendum and to kindly fill out and turn in the addendum regarding:

  • Placing rakes in all bunkers and eliminate the need for golf cart rakes
  • Lowering the MGA 4 tee eligibility from 100 (age plus handicap) to 95 (age plus handicap)

50/50 and haircut raffle was conducted and winners were:

  • 1st Bob Sanvi, 2nd Greg Robertson & 3rd Jack Birecree
  • Free haircuts offered by Joe “the Barber” were won by John Harbur & Greg Robertson and an additional Christmas haircut was won by Jack Birecree

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned 12:38 PM


Monthly Meeting – November 11, 2013

The Meeting was called to order by President Pedersen @ 12:30 PM

The Secretary’s Report of October 8, 2013 was moved, seconded and accepted as posted. Secretary Jack Sushko was absence due to an illness in the family.

The Treasurer’s Report: President Pedersen read a brief complimentary comment from the association’s auditor relative to out going Treasurer, Gary McCracken’s meticulous record keeping.

The Treasurer’s Report was read, moved, seconded and accepted as read.

President Pedersen, asked for a motion to accept Gary McCracken’s resignation and to accept Ken Cidela as the interim Treasurer. Motion was seconded and accepted.

Interim Treasurer, Ken Cidela introduced four new members:

  1. Tim Bruce
  2. Tim Gies
  3. John Haist
  4. Phil Satyshur

President Pedersen presented a wedding gift to Trent Florry, Ass’t Pro, on behalf of members.

Terry Boots gave a brief presentation of the Tuesday morning “Skins Game”. He indicated that the skins game is becoming more popular with an increasing number of participants each week.

President Pedersen introduced Jack Birecree who has been the main force behind the HGMGA’s weekly newsletter. Jack indicated that the newsletter will be sent out each Wednesday morning with HGMGA news, minutes, results of Tuesday’s game, skin results and pictures of members. Jack asked the members to take pictures of their teammates especially any that may be fun or humorous. He said that we ought to make the newsletter fun and interesting. If members are not receiving the newsletter, they should first check their “Spam Mail” folder. If they find that the newsletter is not there then they should contact Jack so he can get the appropriate email address.

Herons Glen Head Golf Professional, Troy Speckman gave a brief presentation on the upcoming plans to re-handicap the golf holes at Herons Glen. A committee will be formed with representatives from both the Mens and Ladies Golf Associations.

Trent Florry reviewed the results from today’s first round of the Men’s 2-Ball Championship. By most comments, the first round appeared to be fun and a success.

50/50 and Haircut Raffles

  • 1st Larry Colbert, 2nd Jim Stone, and 3rd Dick Walsh
  • Haircuts:  Gary Pasche and Bill Bedore

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM


Monthly Meeting – October 8, 2013

The meeting was called to order by President Pedersen @ 12:28 PM

The posted Treasurer’s and Secretary’s reports of April ’13 were read, seconded and approved.

The new General Manager, Josh Hall was introduced. Josh noted that he had a good first week on the job and welcomed anyone to stop by his office whenever they had and suggestions or complaints.

President Pedersen noted that the Treasurers position is going to be open as Gary McCracken will be leaving HG soon. The bylaws allow for a 60 day interim appointment after which the position must be voted on by the membership and that volunteers were being solicited.

The Treasurer noted that:

  • The first 2 to 3 months there is an excessive amount of time involved ensuring the membership list is accurate and coincides with the Pro Shop
  • Donation of $100 in memory of Jack Lombard to “Paws”
  • New Members were introduced; Bob Lewere, Graham Milligan, Tom Becker, Sam Curtis, John Harbour,  Corky Gordon, Pete Provens, Barry Weis and Jim Welch

Events Chairman Neal Prescott noted the events on the MGA schedule.

Vice President Gene Dumont noted:

  • There will be a 2 ball club championship this year, see attached explanation sheet which was further explained by Assistant Pro Trent Flory
  • An MGA newsletter initiated by Jack Birecree will commence soon and come out every Wednesday. The letter will have results of Tuesday’s play, pictures of players, best rounds, etc.

Larry Cummings asked why there were no proximities during summer MGA play. Pro Troy Speckman explained that due to very low numbers of players during the summer, payouts for proximities would just further diminish winner’s pots.

50/50 and haircut raffle was conducted and winners were:

  • 1st Terry Boots, 2nd John Croft & 3rd Jan Larson
  • Due to lack of communication with Joe “the Barba” Reda there were no free haircuts raffled off

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned 1:05 PM